DIY decoded: Five ways to lux

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DIY decoded: Five ways to lux up your bedroom pre-winter

Needing some new ideas for things to keep you busy during lockdown? How about DIY decoded: the bedroom edition. Just in time for winter!

DIY decoded: Five ways to lux

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Let’s be honest – we’ve recently had a lot of time indoors, making the most of our home space. Lockdown came with the last few days of summer but also the promise of a new season. 

Around the corner, colder weather starts and longer, darker days await, and if ever there was a time to appreciate your home and create perfect pockets within it, it’s now. 

Promising a safe haven when we need it most, that warm bed of ours is even more tempting in the colder months. However, if you’re currently left feeling a little underwhelmed when thinking of your own room, use these tips for a quick, effective revamp of the place you’ll be spending the most time in this winter…your bedroom.

These ideas are easy to action, inexpensive, and open for anyone to try DIY them. Here’s how to take your bedroom from drab to fab:

Linen Up

There are few things in life better than new bedding. Winter offers the perfect excuse to sort through the piles and spruce up your linen cupboard. It’s also easy to add some warmth by using thicker, softer winter sheets and layering the bottom of your bed with throws that add instant glam and keep those toes extra toasty.

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Add a glow

We all know that lighting is your friend, an instant mood-setter. Make sure you relook the lighting in your bedroom. Adding in a stylish chandelier, suspended light, or even adding in a statement side lamp or two, can add an injection of colour to your bedroom palette and uplift your mood instantly.

Don’t even get us started on the need for candles for a cheap quick-fix to fill your space with soft hues, a new smell and a whole new sense of calm, all with just a flick of a match.

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Headboard Glam

Lux up your bedroom in one easy move by using a headboard to frame your sleeping space. Buy your favourite look or if you’re looking to save a few ‘randelas’, it’s a great first DIY project for the top of the list. Think of things like the texture of your material, the height of the headboard as well as the colour and pattern of your material choice.

Remember this is a statement piece, so be sure you love your material choice and that you have mapped out the desired size beforehand, to ensure it’s something you love throughout all the seasons and not just the coming winter months.

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Make it a pillow palace

The famed ‘princess and the pea’ story of our childhood had one thing right – layering is lux. For an opulent look for your boudoir, layer some faux fur throws on your bed or any seating space and remember that scatter cushions are your friends.

In this instance, less need not be more. Play around with the colour, texture, tassels, and the size of your cushions to ensure your bed is your very own palace too.

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From the ground up

Feeling breezy in your bedroom? Look to your flooring, just like the principle of ‘if your feet are warm; the rest of your body will be too’… cozy up your floor space to ensure that you trap in the heat. Adding a beautiful rug can add a feature to your room, whilst also being a practical buy for winter.