Kelly Khumalo

Zandile Khumalo-Gumede with Kelly Khuamlo. Images from Instagram@zandie_khumalo_gumede

‘I can even do it for free’: Zandile Khumalo-Gumede hits back at cancel culture

‘I love music, and I could even do it for free if I want,’ says Zandile Khumalo-Gumede after fans called for cancel culture amid Senzo Meyiwa’s trial.

Kelly Khumalo

Zandile Khumalo-Gumede with Kelly Khuamlo. Images from Instagram@zandie_khumalo_gumede

Zandile Khumalo-Gumede finally broke her silence after her sister Kelly Khumalo was dropped from the Maseru Jazz Festival amid the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial.

Against the backdrop of Senzo Meyiwa’s trial, several event organisers who had booked Kelly Khumalo are now dropping her from their lineups.

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Khumalo was with Senzo Meyiwa when he was killed at her mother’s home on 26 October 2014.

A recent court sitting revealed that Kelly Khumalo was in contact with one of the accused days before Senzo was shot.

Zandile Khumalo-Gumede cancel culture
Singer Kelly Khumalo and the late Senzo Meyiwa. Image via Twitter @_mashesha.

It was also revealed that no calls were made to the police after Senzo was shot. As the case continues to get complicated several event organisers, have decided to suspend Kelly Khumalo from their lineups due to the ongoing court trial.

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Kelly Khumalo has remained mum over her alleged cancellation. The bubbly singer has been dropped from two gigs this month.

She was removed from the all-star lineup of ‘A Tribute To Women’ festival and The Maseru Jazz Festival, slated for 24 September 2023.

Taking to social media, Maseru Jazz Festival has it that they dropped her because she is embroiled in a court case.


Taking to Instagram, Zandile Khumalo-Gumede said she doesn’t care if she is cancelled. Zandile revealed that she makes music passionately and can do it for free even if cancelled.

Against the backdrop of the alleged cancel culture, Zandile Khumalo-Gumede has seemingly taken a swipe at event organisers.

Several social media users implicated her in the mix. Many believe she should also be cancelled since she was in the room the night Senzo was shot.

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