Jub Jub Moja love

Moja Love crew. Image from Instagram@official_jubjub

‘What we do is unmatched’ – Jub Jub praises Moja Love CEO

‘What we do is unmatched’ – Jub Jub’s latest Instagram post left many convinced that he has buried the hatchet with Moja Love CEO.

Jub Jub Moja love

Moja Love crew. Image from Instagram@official_jubjub

After all, it seems that Jub Jub and Moja Love CEO Aubrey Tau have kissed up and made up.

South Africans were more than convinced that they might have made up and are now at peace after Jub Jub’s latest heartfelt gesture that has since thrust the two into top trends.

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Against the backdrop of their alleged fallout, Jub Jub was rumoured to be partying ways with the channel, but it didn’t materialise.

Jub Jub Moja love
Jub Jub. Image from Instagram@official_jubjub

After all, amid their alleged fallout, the seasoned host praised Moja Love CEO Aubrey Tau in an Instagram post.

He posted: “Izinja zam…s’vut’umlilo, so much… all in one room. THIS IS @mojalovetv (what we do is unmatched) hai tsek maarn S/O to the only black-owned channel and our CEO Mr Aubrey Tau.”

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Rumour mill has it that the channel has since backtracked from its decision to dump the celebrated host in the eleventh hour.

Jub Jub hogged headlines when he dragged the channel to the courts over non-payment of salaries and royalties.


The rapper-presenter believes he was fired for demanding his unpaid salaries. Jub Jub also pulled a shocker as he demanded his unpaid salary, which reportedly amounted to half a million R510 000.

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He also sued the channel for over 100 million. The ballooning amount included unpaid salaries, royalties, and breach of contract after the channel allegedly dismissed him as the host of Uyajola 9/9.

According to court papers, the channel ‘refused’ to pay various amounts he allegedly demanded, leading to their fallout. Against their woes, the two reportedly buried the hatchet only a few months after the incident.