Bonging Zungu Cindy Mahlangu

Fans are not happy with Bongani Zungu at the moment. Image via Twitter: @Masandawana

‘Loves green bottles’: SA trolls Zungu after Mokwena defends him

‘Why did Sundowns buy him?!’: It looks like fans are not happy with Bongani Zungu and coach Rulani Mokwena at the moment.

Bonging Zungu Cindy Mahlangu

Fans are not happy with Bongani Zungu at the moment. Image via Twitter: @Masandawana

South African soccer player Bongani Zungu is currently catching strays. This after Mamelodi Sundowns coach Rulani Mokwena shared that he had successfully dropped a few kilos. Fans of the soccer star don’t appear to be happy and are arguing that the team should not have purchased him.

According to many of them, Bongani has become “way too relaxed” and is not as focused as he should be.

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Bongani Zungu leaves fans unimpressed

Mamelodi Sundowns player Bonging Zungu was once one of South Africa’s most coveted players.

While the young football star is still a strong contender on the field, his fans don’t appear to be very impressed with him at the moment.

Bongani Zungu Chiefs Sundowns
Bongani Zungu. Image from Instagrma@sundownsfc

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This is because many of them believe that he is distracted and has lot his passion and oomph on the field.

Their thoughts have been made increasingly clear after Masandawana coach Rulani Mokwena proudly discussed his weight loss and renewed passion for the game recently.

“He’s getting there. He’s looking slimmer, and I don’t know if you’ve seen, but he’s shed three or four kilograms, and I’m very proud of him,” Mokwena said during a press conference.

He also added that Zungu was falling in love with the game again.

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SA shares their thoughts

It would appear that Zungu’s weight loss is just not enough to impress fans. Many of them lamented the fact that he was bought by Sundowns and openly criticised the decision.

“Rulani needs to be honest about Zungu. The dude won’t be like he was five years ago. He loves his green bottle,” one person said.

Another added:

““Only Sundowns can pay someone millions then wait for them to fall in love with doing their job”.

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