Umkhokha Deli Malinga Newbody

Deli Malinga finally has the body she has always wanted. Images via Instagram: @dellymalinga9

‘Goodbye, my Jojo tank’: ‘Umkhokha’ star Deli Malinga’s new body

Being in the public eye, ‘Umkhokha’ star MaMzobe has changed her lifestyle and targeted the areas of her body that she felt needed some TLC!

Umkhokha Deli Malinga Newbody

Deli Malinga finally has the body she has always wanted. Images via Instagram: @dellymalinga9

The leading lady of Mzansi Magic telenovela Umkhokha, Deli Malinga, has had it with her “fupa” (belly fat)! The actress took to her Instagram to show off her now-toned figure and share what it took to achieve the look she has desired for a long time.

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Deli, who plays the role of MaMzobe on Umkhokha, has been sharing her journey of transformation since 3 June.

Letting her fans in on her journey, she said at the time:

“My beautiful journey begins. A journey of thousand miles began with a single step. T’was first the whole journey (theory) and now the practical, the actual thing.

“Keep following me to witness this journey to my transformation if it’ll work for you too. I wasn’t happy with my face for years, those close to me know. But now seeing the possibilities of returning to the process and seeing the progress with other ppl coming here @skinslimmingaesthetics I just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Since my journey started ngey’qhomo, my skin gets better every day so there’s no way I would keep quiet. After the needle, I wanted to see her magic”

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In August, Deli showed Mzansi that she is not afraid of revealing what some may call “imperfections” by taking her fans on yet another journey…and this time she was tackling her stomach area.

“Goodbye my Jojo tank. my journey to transformation continues. You might ask yourself why I am sharing such, the reason is simple… as I said it’s a journey! We are not getting any younger and being overweight is a serious problem for most people.

“Can you imagine being overweight plus the wrong foods we consume everyday, everyday stress/challenge these things attract so many diseases in our lives (BP, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, high uncontrollable acid, ulcers, and heart diseases just to name a few) so why don’t we use such places for our own benefit, invest in our bodies…

“Yesterday I started with my 14 days diet program (it’s a journey as I told you, I’m doing all of this for me) watch me after 14 days from now. Let’s be healthy and beautiful to be more productive”


With all the hard work she put in, Deli is ready for summer. She has shown off what consistency has given her and Mzansi is loving it for her.

“My journey, my transformation! All thanks to @skinslimmingaesthetics now I can proudly say my Jojo tank is gone. I have a flat tummy. My blemishes are on the way to being completely gone due to their micro-needling, deep cleansing, IV-Drip, chemical peel etc. Once more @lindiwe and @kb you’ve been very patient working on this body, as employees you always make us feel welcome God bless you.

Deli has followed in the footsteps of many celebrities that have decided to get rid of some fat in their bodies in a non-conventional way like Unmarried actress Keke Mphuthi.

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