Ntando Duma nipple

Ntando Duma just freed the nipple on Instagram. Image via Twitter @dumantando20

Oooops! Ntando Duma mistakenly frees the nipple on IG Live

#FreeTheNipple: Ntando Duma frequently shows off her assets on social media but this time she did it completely unintentionally.

Ntando Duma nipple

Ntando Duma just freed the nipple on Instagram. Image via Twitter @dumantando20

South African media personality Ntando Duma is often daring when it comes to her fashion choices. When she isn’t showing off her curves in super short skirts and shorts, she’s showing off her ample boobs in low-cut tops. The star took daring to a whole new level after unintentionally showing off her nipple during an Instagram Live video taken earlier today. Screenshots from the nip slip were shared on Twitter by gossip blogger Musa Khawula leaving Tweeps buzzing over the little accident.

Ntando Duma goes viral following accidental nipple slip

Ntando Duma just took #FreeTheNipple to a new level after she accidentally freed her nipple live on Instagram.

The TV presenter was talking candidly while driving when suddenly her nipple slipped out of her black crop top.

So engaged in the topic, the former Rhythm City actress didn’t even notice that her breast had slipped out of her shirt.

Many of those who had tuned into the live quickly let her know in the comment section.

While she quickly covered it up screenshots of the little slip were shared on Twitter by celebrity gossip blogger Musa Khawula who captioned it:

“Ntando Duma frees her nipple during her live on IG.”

Take a look at the screenshots here.

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The post quickly got many reactions as social media users reacted to seeing Ntando’s nipple slip.

It appears people are used to a bit of nudity from Ntando who frequently dresses provocatively for her millions of online followers.

Many of them speculated whether or not the actress has had a boob job.

@azasingce wrote:

“The scaring around her nipples suggests a boob job :relieved: they did a dream job with those!”

@nataschiagrey wrote:

“Was probably a mistake, but cute nipple :pleading_face: