Wiseman Mncube dance moves

Wiseman Mncube. image via Instagram @umkhulu_bhungane

‘Stiff master lol’: Wiseman Mncube’s dance moves go viral on TikTok [video]

Shaka iLembe star ‘Zwide’ Wiseman Mncube left fans calling his ‘Stiff Master’ after he failed easy dance moves on TikTok.

Wiseman Mncube dance moves

Wiseman Mncube. image via Instagram @umkhulu_bhungane

South African actor Wiseman Mncube left fans calling him ‘Stiff Master’ after his dance moves went viral on TikTok.

The Shaka iLembe star was a Deal or No Deal guest and ended up dancing alongside Katlego Maboe.

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Interestingly, the dance floor had two extreme ends when it came to dancing.

Katlego Maboe is a top dancer and singer, while Wiseman Mncube is not a great dancer.

Despite not making top dance moves, fans loved and praised Wiseman’s vibes.

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Once the video was shared on Deal or No Deal’s TikTok, it was already making rounds as fans shared it.

Sharing it on their TikTok, Deal or No Deal also fueled the fire with their caption saying.

“The collab we didn’t know we need @Katlego Maboe X @Wiseman Mncube 🤝🥵🔥”

Wiseman Mncube dance moves
Wiseman Mancube. Image via Instagram @wiseman_mncube


As they graced the stage, it was already clear who was a good dancer and who was not by their body language.

Wiseman and Mamboe danced to Mnike by Tyler ICU & Tumelo featuring DJ Maphorisa.

Wiseman looked as if he was getting Katlego’s moves as he shook his waist for a few seconds.

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Unfortunately, he was not as flexible enough to match Katlego as he intensified the moves.

Once he realised that he could not replicate the dance moves, Wiseman Mncune laughed out loud.

Katlego noticed that his partner could not continue, and the two stars laughed together, enjoying the moment.


The collab we didn’t know we need @Katlego Maboe X @Wiseman Mncube 🤝🥵🔥

♬ original sound – Matthew J Power


Many fans shared the video; some downloaded it and shared it on Instagram and Facebook.

In the comments, fans found fun in Wiseman Mncube’s dance moves, and they showed him love.

“Wiseman looks shy yhaaz….into asithuka yona that time ku shaka”

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“Oooooh, Wiseman is the Stiff master, he cant shake his bums lol”

“khon lento engiybonayo kusbonelo🤐🤭”

“ey nami nginomzimba oqinile kuze kusize iwayini akfani uzamile Sbonelo🤣🤣”