Slik Talk, Maphorisa

Slik Talk has attacked DJ Maphorisa’s looks and musical prowess. Image via Twitter @yoli_too, @djmaphorisa/Instagram

‘You’ve been ugly your whole life’: Slik Talk drags Maphorisa [watch]

YouTuber Slik Talk has hit back at DJ Maphorisa after the producer took to Instagram Live demanding that he stops disrespecting him.

Slik Talk, Maphorisa

Slik Talk has attacked DJ Maphorisa’s looks and musical prowess. Image via Twitter @yoli_too, @djmaphorisa/Instagram

Controversial and opinionated YouTuber, Slik Talk has ruffled the feathers of yet another South African celebrity.

Just last week, rapper Reason (also known as Sizwe Alakine) hit back at the content creator in a parody video in which he mocked his squeaky voice.

A week later, on Monday 13 June, DJ Maphorisa responded to Slik Talk’s insults, digging himself into a hole that he may not be able to get out of any time soon.

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According to IOL, an annoyed DJ Maphorisa took to his Instagram Live to respond to Slik Talk’s remarks about his looks.

“He’s ugly and he’s been ugly his whole life. So you can clearly tell that he only got girls after high school … He had to do his DJ thing cause nobody liked him,” Slik Talk had said about Maphorisa.

In response, the Emcimbini producer clicked his tongue several times, telling the YouTuber to stop disrespecting him.

“Are you crazy? This motherf*****. The audacity. He’s busy talking about I’m ugly, you’re disrespecting me.” Maphorisa said.


Maphorisa’s response seemed to excite Slik Talk who took to his YouTube channel once again to attack him.

“This Squidward from SpongeBob looking n***** has the nerve to say he’s cute. DJ Maphorisa, you and I both know that you’re a couple of nickels away from a dollar. You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed,” Slik Talk went off on Tuesday morning.

Even musician Busta 929, who’s been labelled a paedophile several times for allegedly dating school girls, caught a stray bullet from the content creator. The YouTuber told Maphorisa that the Ngixolele DJ is a top student at his “school of ugly.”

“The Maphorisa school of ugly is a real institution, one of your top students is Busta 929. Man is a one out of ten on a good day.

“You’ve been ugly your whole life, don’t play yourself.You walking around in tight leather pants doesn’t dispute from the fact that you’ve always been ugly your whole childhood. You’ve never been cute,” he added.


Ending off his video of insults, Slik Talk attacked Maphorisa’s musical prowess, claiming that he piggybacks off Kabza De Small and that is why he hasn’t made an amapiano hit without him.

“Kabza De Small is your daddy. Without Kabza De Small, you wouldn’t have any hits right now,” he said.