Mandla Lamba

Somizi Mohlongo-Motaung and Mandla Lamba Images via Instagram @somizi @mandlalamba

Somizi is selling shares ‘on special’ for ‘fake billionaire’ Mandla Lamba

Mandla Lamba has previously made headlines after he was arrested for fraud among and more. And now he has enlisted Somizi’s help in marketing his new venture.

Mandla Lamba

Somizi Mohlongo-Motaung and Mandla Lamba Images via Instagram @somizi @mandlalamba

It was reported over a decade ago that Mandla Lamba gave himself the title of “South Africa’s youngest billionaire”, just to be caught out after he had lied about his riches.

In a surprise move, Lamba is now selling shares in his latest business venture “on special” through social media using one of Mzansi’s top celebs.


Mandla Lamba is back with a new business venture, Agilitee Africa. The website of the company describes the company as, “An electric vehicle and green tech company that is at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution in Africa, and more importantly, green technology being the future.

Lamba serves as Agilitee Africa’s CEO.

As of July 2021, Agilitee Africa offers three different motorbikes. According to Mail & Guardian, the company offers a delivery bike, a personal commuting bike, and a student bike. The fourth bike is reported to be the Agilitee Somizi, named after television personality Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung.


In a now deleted Instagram post, Somizi posted the investment options for Agiitee Africa to his four million followers sharing how the public could buy shares in Agilitee.

Shares worth R50 000 are going for R5000, while shares worth R250 000 are going for R25 000. The largest amount of shares advertised were worth R1 million and were going for a whopping R100 000.

Somizi also shared the banking details of the company for both South African citizens and people outside of the country. 

Twitter certainly did not contain their confusion at Somizi’s involvement in Agilitee Africa. Many questioned why Somizi was involved after it was known that Mandla Lamba had been previously caught out for lying about his ties to the mining industry and had been arrested for fraud. 

Somizi responded to the backlash speaking to Fin24 explaining that he is not an stakeholder in Agilitee and that since Lamba’s imprisonment he had since been rehabilitated. 


Twitter users had a go at Mandla Lamba for a different reason after a video went viral expressing his love to an unnamed woman that Twitter assumed was his partner. Toya Delazy was caught in the crossfire after she expressed that she felt the video was beautiful. 

Toya had a number of Tweeps questioning what happened to her career after the comment causing quite the sir. Toya even created a poll asking tweeps to vote if she ‘fell off’ or if she ‘never left’.