Slik Talk says Nadia Nakai wasn't AKA's wife and shouldn't be treated like a widow. Images via YouTube/Instagram: @sliktalk/@akaworldwide

‘Not a widow’: Slik Talk says Nadia was AKA’s ‘glorified rebound’

‘Why are people treating Nadia like a widow? She was not AKA’s wife, they didn’t have kids,’ says Slik Talk in a clip bashing Mass Country.

Slik Talk says Nadia Nakai wasn't AKA's wife and shouldn't be treated like a widow. Images via YouTube/Instagram: @sliktalk/@akaworldwide

On Monday this week, controversial YouTuber Slik Talk tore into late rapper AKA’s posthumous album Mass Country. According to Slik, the album is no good and only has about two “decent” songs. Not stopping there, Slik also slammed AKA’s relationship with Nadia Nakai saying that they got together during a period when he should have been mourning his late fiance’ Anele “Nelli” Tembe.

According to him, people should stop treating Nadia like a widow because she is only a “glorified rebound”.

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Slik Talk digs into AKA’s Mass Country and his relationship with Nadia

Slik Talk has come out with another controversial video. This time he shares his views and opinions on AKA’s Mass Country album. The album was released two weeks after the rapper was killed in Durban KwaZulu-Natal.

According to Slik, the album deserves a 2/10 and is the worst album AKA has made.

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“I just listened to AKA’s album called Mass Country and I’m going to give it a solid 2/10. I absolutely hate this album. I hate everything about this album. It’s absolutely one of the worse albums I’ve ever heard in my whole life. Sonically, it doesn’t even sound good. The mixing is terrible. I do not like this album one bit. It has no hits,” says Slik in the video.

Slik Talk says AKA's Mass Country is trash. Images via YouTube @sliktalk
Slik Talk says AKA’s Mass Country is trash. Images via YouTube: @sliktalk

Nadia catches strays

While discussing the album, Slik touched on Nadia Nakai’s verse which he called lousy.

“I don’t why she was there, she didn’t need to be there. I don’t know why her verse was there, to begin with.”

He then went on to say that people should stop treating her as if she is AKA’s widow when she is only a “glorified rebound.” He also said that she and AKA were not married and had no kids.

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Slik also insinuated that AKA was killed because he disrespected Anele’s family by moving on only months after her passing and flaunting his new relationship in their faces.

“The way Nadia Nakia and AKA dated was a complete mess. AKA dated Nadia three months after his wife passed away. Three months after he paid lobola for this girl he went on to date Nadia Nakai. Posting her all on Instagram, all over Twitter all over social media. Don’t you think that’s disrespectful to the Tembe family? You think that family took that sh*t laying down?” he says while adding:

“You think they would let you slide and let you disrespect their daughter’s honour like that? Life does not work like that.”

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