Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi is waving the white flag for Cyan Boujee to see.
Image via Instagram

Sithelo Shozi clears the air on BBL: ‘I didn’t get implants’

Sithelo Shozi has disputed claims she had implants put in her buttocks after getting a ‘BBL’ in Turkey earlier this year.

Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi is waving the white flag for Cyan Boujee to see.
Image via Instagram

Sithelo Shozi is clearing up the misconceptions surrounding her plastic surgery – including a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) – and want it entails.

Speaking in a Metro FM interview, the mom-of-three – whose ex is soccer boss Andile Mpisane – gave listeners the tea on her trip to Turkey.

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Speaking in the lifestyle segment of Tbo Touch’s afternoon drive show, Sithelo Shozi, revealed the motivation for her plastic surgery.

She said: “I don’t do it for men, it’s for myself. It starts with you appreciating yourself and having more confidence in yourself. Appearance is everything for me”.

And whilst BBLs are hot commodities for plastic surgeons right now, it’s not a one-size-fits-all package.

Sithelo – who also had “360 liposuction” – elaborated: “A lot of people think I have transplants [in my buttocks] – I do not.

“Basically, they will take fat from a certain part of your body and transfer it to wherever you want. I took stubborn fat around my abdomen area and I wanted it in my buttocks, just to have a little bit of shape and I filled out my hips”.

Sithelo Shozi
Sithelo Shozi showed off her sexy Playboy photoshoot, a month after undergoing a BBL and body transformation. Image via Instagram @_sithelo

When asked what the price tag of the procedure was, the Durban-born DJ said: “I don’t know how much they charge here, I didn’t enquire. I knew what I wanted, and who could do it the way I wanted

“[It costs] at least R100 000, it could be more depending on how much work you need done”.

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Meanwhile, Sithelo revealed little-known facts about herself, including her past as a Sunday school teacher, and her pledge to tithe 10% of her earnings to her two churches; the Apostolic Faith Mission in Durban and Grace Bible Church in Johannesburg.

She also revealed that she is looking to have another baby – with a “life partner”.

She continued: “I don’t aspire to marriage. Why not have a life partner? Why do we have to go into this constitution where we have to sign a piece of paper that is telling us how to live our lives?

“But when we were in a relationship, we were living so happily and so freely, and everything was so good”

When Tbo asked if she was open to dating a married man, Sithelo replied: “If he is married, he is married. Is he my life partner, he could be?”

On the topic of her past relationship, which includes a public dispute with Andile Mpisane and his family, Sithelo said: “I do forgive them. I need to work on my emotional intelligence to not let those people get to me. In a situation like that, you hold the most power. How you react is more important than whatever they are saying or whatever they are calling you

She added: “What your reaction is could even give them more power or less power over your life”.