Bad timing? Shashi Naidoo stru

Shashi Naidoo takes vacation amid unrest in SA. Image via Instagram @shashinaidoo.

Bad timing? Shashi Naidoo struts ‘Safari Gals’ soft life amid unrest [photos]

While South Africa has been dealt a low blow with the unrest and looting this past week, Shashi Naidoo and Simone Dominique are on vacation to showcase ‘beautiful SA’. Is the timing not a little off?!

Bad timing? Shashi Naidoo stru

Shashi Naidoo takes vacation amid unrest in SA. Image via Instagram @shashinaidoo.

South African actress, model and travel blogger Shashi Naidoo, along with fellow travel blogger Simone Dominique, are on a vacation to encourage tourism in the country. However, their timing may be a little off as South African has bigger problems to deal with at the moment. 


While South Africa is making global headlines for the unrest taking place in form of riots, looting and what has been referred to as “anarchy”, travel bloggers Shashi Naidoo and Simone Dominique who form the “Safari Gals” are on vacation. 

The pair who offer a feminine take on safari, wildlife and travel are out promoting the Seven Villa Hotel & Spa in Sandton, Gauteng while other parts of the same province are facing the unrest. 

Mildly acknowledging the unrest, Shashi Naidoo said that the Safari Gal’s are going to continue showcasing South Africa’s beauty as they travel (and pray) for SA. 

“We know South Africa is in terrible pain. The safari gals are going to continue showing everyone how beautiful South Africa is; how wonderful its hotels, lodges and spas are – and we are going to continue to encourage our followers and everyone who sees our page to support the South African tourism industry – Praying for South Africa,” wrote Shashi Naidoo on Instagram. 

“The South African tourism industry is having a terribly hard time. You don’t have to go far to lend your support – and sometimes a staycation is the most wonderful way to reset,” wrote Shashi Naidoo on Instagram.

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The pair posted pictures of themselves along with their dog Astrid living their best soft lives at Seven Villa Hotel & Spa.


Although the pair are attempting to promote tourism in SA, many people in the comments section of the post thought it was insensitive to be posting about the soft lives they’re living while people are fighting for their lives. 

“Yourl Really need to get heads out of space for a short while and help People of South Africa,” wrote @ice_jewel30. 

“This is what u care about ! South African tourism and people supporting it ! People don’t even have money to buy a damn loaf of bread wtf!,” wrote @neri0897. 

Shashi Naidoo then responded saying she cares about people not losing their jobs. However, other social media users thought her posts were in “poor taste”. 

“@shashinaidoo fair enough but you are paid by the establishment to post this content and this is a free staycation. It’s not like you pay to stay at this place. It is in poor taste, maybe wait a few days for things to settle before you post…just a thought,” wrote @rochelle.govy. 

“People don’t have jobs and money for food but you’re promoting hotels and spas. I think your approach seriously needs to change!,” wrote @saisha__naidoo.

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