LesDaChef a.k.a Lesego Semeyna Image via Instagram @lesdachef

Watch: Friends and family honour LesDaChef’s memory at funeral

In a sad week for South Africa, we remember the gentle giant and foodie Lesego Semenya aka LesDaChef as someone who related to many through food and laughter.


LesDaChef a.k.a Lesego Semeyna Image via Instagram @lesdachef

Celebrity chef Lesego “LesDaChef” Semenya passed away earlier this week after losing his battle with COVID-19. The award-winning chef was only 39 years old when he passed away and tributes for him has been pouring in through social media. He passed away on 12 July.


Lesego’s funeral service was streamed on YouTube due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and started off with an emotional look back at his life in photos. 

Some of the images included in the service were of him cooking up a storm in the kitchen, as well as images in his everyday life, riding motorcycles or talking food on television and radio shows.

Part of Lesego’s eulogy read: 

“He enjoyed intimate moments with his friends and you could easily tell if he was in the room because it was filled with his hearty laugh. Lesego had a pleasant warm personality which was contagious to everyone he met.” 


In an emotional Instagram post along with a lengthy caption, Lesego’s girlfriend Sisipo Gcanga remembered him writing that she told him she preferred to die first and said Lesego did not agree to it. 

“When Les and i were in our “talking stage”, i suggested we send eachother a song that we love every day just so we could get to know eachother more, over time Les’ songs became dedications.”

Gcanga also reminisced about how they would email each other letters and shared some words that Lesego wrote for her in one of his letters.

“You came into my life when I least expected and you’ve changed my views. I now think of a future that isn’t just about myself. I plan differently, think differently…I even dream differently. When I talk with you I feel so safe. My heart feels at peace and for once I know my soul has found a home.” 


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