Samthing Soweto Samkelo

Singer and songwriter Samthing Soweto. Photo: Samthing Soweto/ Twitter.

Samthing Soweto slowly opens up about depression

Singer and songwriter Samthing Soweto seems to be coming to terms with his reality of fighting the silent killer called depression

Samthing Soweto Samkelo

Singer and songwriter Samthing Soweto. Photo: Samthing Soweto/ Twitter.

South African singer and songwriter Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba, popularly known as Samthing Soweto continues to put on a great fight against depression.

The star who made it fashionable to sing on an Amapiano beat apologised to his fans for staying away from social media.

“I’m sorry for the silence. I thought I was wack but today I only discovered how dope I am,” he said, ending the tweet with #depression.


Samthing Soweto’s mental health has been a cause for concern to many of his fans following his drastic weight loss.

The singer, however, addressed the concern, saying he wasn’t dying nor ill but going through a rough patch.

“I have just changed my lifestyle. There are things I no longer do, and there are physical activities I do everyday,” he said in a video, adding the new routine has changed how he looks among other things.


Following Samthing Soweto’s latest tweet, his loyal fans rallied behind him by replying with words of encouragement and advice.

Bonolo T Maabane said, “You are a national treasure, you feed souls through the mic straight to the ears”.

@Feather Raffler, said Samthing Soweto gave us a gem, you are never wack, “we love you,” she said.

Sino Puzi said, “You literally made thousands of people fall in love with the Amapiano sound”.

Furthermore, the GOOD AUTHORITY Nota Baloyi also weighed in with advice. He said, “You’ve been clinically diagnosed or is this part of your roll out?”

“All the years of being an a$$h#le can isolate you and if you don’t have a strong family to fall back on you might mistake sadness ‘ regret for depression. See a profession they’d advise you to stay off twitter!”

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Moreover, Something Soweto has given fans hits such as Akulaleki, Akanamali and an album titled Isphithipithi with songs like Sebenzela nina, Azishe and Omama Bomthandazo.