riky rick

Late rapper Riky Rick. Image: @rikyrickworld/Instagram

Must-watch: Riky Rick fan licks rapper’s shoes on stage [video]

She did what? A female fan of Ricky Rick was ‘really excited’ to see the rapper perform in Windhoek, taking her fan fetish to a new level.

riky rick

Late rapper Riky Rick. Image: @rikyrickworld/Instagram

A fan of Rikhado Makhado, known professionally as Riky Rick, was spotted licking the South African rapper’s shoes while he was performing on stage.

Meeting Riky Rick

According to Nalebrity, this comes after DJ Spuzza recently shared in his excitement of meeting Riky Rick. The South African rapper was recently billed to perform at the Catch in Windhoek in Namibia and stole the show with his performance.

In a lengthy post DJ Spuzza shared on his Instagram page on 26 May 2021, he reflected back on how Riky Rick has always been supportive towards his career and how he always wanted to meet him.

“Two years ago when I dropped Soek Soek I told my best friend @iam_tutlala I was gonna meet my role model @rikyrickworld one day he then replied “mybru werk net hard I’ve seen you put your mind to so many things you truly wanted and I’ve seen how it came to you, ek gloo in jou my auti en ek weet jy sal dit kan doen” & last night It happened in a way I didn’t even expect it to happen & still till now I’m stunned still outta words still can’t believe He Applauded our work,” he wrote.

Riky Rick fans gone wild

Riky Rick subsequently left his fans in the country begging for more. A fan, who was clearly excited to see the rapper perform, went as far as licking his shoes while he was performing.

Tweeps react

Many Twitter users were embarrassed for the unknown woman, saying they “have a lot of questions” and “this kind of fetish is out of this world”.

“What was the reason,” one social media user commented, “does she think that’s attractive,” another asked.

“If she has a boyfriend she must be dumped by now,” said another.

Another simply said that this is “H for Hectic”.