Somizi and Mohale

Somizi and Mohale on their wedding day. Image via Instagram @mohale_77

State of Somhale: So are they getting a divorce or not? Mohale speaks out

After months of speculation on Somhale’s apparent divorce, ‘Rockville’ actor Mohale finally clears up the rumours. Here is what he said.

Somizi and Mohale

Somizi and Mohale on their wedding day. Image via Instagram @mohale_77

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo and actor Mohale Motaung’s marriage has been on the rocks for months now which led many to believe the couple were heading towards a divorce. 

Mohale Motaung has been maintaining his silence throughout the rumours. However, he finally addressed the alleged divorce via an interview with The Citizen on 26 May.

In September 2019, Somizi and Mohale had their traditional wedding followed by their fairy-tale white wedding in January 2020. However, months later, people began to suspect trouble in paradise.



Mohale was initially labelled as a “gold digger” who was only around to use Somizi for his name and fame. The suspicion against Mohale grew when a source said that Mohale has been cheating on Somizi with a married man.

“The guy is married to a woman and has kids. That is why Somizi did not come out about this because he wanted to be sensitive to protect the guy’s young children. The guy is also financially powerful, so he doesn’t want to drag his name and reputation,” said a source to City Press.

However, the suspicions were not confirmed nor denied.


Besties Vusi Nova and Somizi are always posting to each other on their social media however, Mohale seems to be out of the picture. This led to the suspicion rising even further when Somizi spent his birthday and New Years Eve with the Ngumama hitmaker and not his husband. 

In January, a City Press journalist questioned Somizi on Mohale’s absence at his birthday party and further asked if the couple were getting divorce. Somizi was not impressed with the journalists questions and he went on a social media rant exposing the journalists contact number on his Instagram account to his then 3.7 million followers.

In February this year, the pair then proceeded to go on several “bestie-cations” to beautiful South African destinations such as Cape Town and Kruger National Park further fueling rumours of a romance


The divorce rumours escalated when both Somizi and Mohale were seen without their wedding rings on in several of their social media posts as well as them removing each other’s surnames from their display names on social media.

The overdose of Vusi Nova and the lack of Mohale on Somizi’s social media had many convinced Somizi fell into the arms of his bestie and this speculation was further fueled in April when Somizi unfollowed Mohale on both Instagram and Twitter


After months of rumours and speculation, Mohale has finally opened up confirming that he and Somizi are not getting a divorce, however, he did say that they were going through some things.

“I am not getting a divorce. People are saying I am getting a divorce, where guys? Marriages go through some things, ups and downs. So people take what they see and they run with it. There was just a phase like any other couple, we are not getting a divorce. Things are okay,” said Mohale to The Citizen