Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi gets dragged on Twitter. Image via Twitter @PearlThusi

Actress Pearl Thusi’s ‘Happy Lockdown’ post dragged in Twitter streets

‘Queen Sono’ actress Pearl Thusi is trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons again. This time its her ‘happy lockdown’ post.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi gets dragged on Twitter. Image via Twitter @PearlThusi

The Tweeps have spoken and they seem to think South African actress Pearl Thusi does not know how to read the room following her “happy lockdown” tweet on Sunday 27 June when President Cyril Ramaphosa put South Africa into lockdown level four. 

The number of COVID-19 cases in South African have been on a rise since May and earlier this month the country entered the official third wave which President Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned is due to the Delta variant of the virus. 

Following the increase in COVID-19 cases, President Ramaphosa put the country back on lockdown level four on Sunday. After the address, many people took to Twitter to share their thoughts and Pearl Thusi was one of them. 


The Queen Sono star wished everyone a “happy lockdown” and said that she hopes all those in need receive assistance. 

“Happy lockdown everyone … I hope all those in need receive assistance, people find the silver lining in these tough times and God blesses you all abundantly #ialsohopethepresidentsipadwasreturned,” wrote Thusi in a post that has since been deleted. 

Although, the actress seemed to have good intentions in a post that wished everyone well in these tough times, it was the “happy lockdown” that had Twitter in a twist. 

Tweeps also thought that Pearl Thusi does not know how to read a room. 


The Quantico star explained that she feels Tweeps always assume the worst of her. She went on to mention that she is in a good place mentally and choose peace.

“With how people always choose to see the worst in me – it’s a miracle I’ve survived all the emotional turbulence I’ve experienced outside of it as well,” wrote thusi

“I’ve deleted the tweet because I’m really in a good place and I don’t mean to upset people but because focusing on the negative is a priority on this app,” she continued.

She thereafter shared some of the positive things that can come out of the lockdown. 


Along with the other lockdown level four restrictions, President Ramaphosa has banned the sale of alcohol for the 14 day period and Pearl Thusi let her 2.7 million followers know she was stocked up and ready for it. 

Some Tweeps thought that Thusi was flaunting her money while others were suffering. This may not be all the way out of line as she recently purchased an LG Instaview refrigerator worth a whopping R47 000.

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