Ntando Duma opens up about her new show. Image via Instagram @dumantando.

‘They understood the assignment’: Ntando Duma on her show

South African actress and television personality Ntando Duma opened up about ‘securing the bag’ and her new show ‘Dance Yo Dumo.’


Ntando Duma opens up about her new show. Image via Instagram @dumantando.

Actress and television personality Ntando Duma opened up about the new show she is hosting titled Dance Yo Dumo and the way of the industry.


Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela reported that Ntando Duma will be hosting a dance show titled Dance Yo Dumo on SABC 1 in January. The actress has since opened up what an amazing choice the show’s producers made by choosing her as the presenter. She says she may not be able to dance but she can sure move and entertain people. The show premiered on Sunday 6 March. 

“I have been part of dance show before, but as great as it was, it was nothing like this. This show is literally who I am. It resonates with me so much. It is fun, loud and entertaining, and I am all of that. They understood the assignment [by] choosing me for this show. I am so glad they chose me. I personally cannot dance, but I can move and entertain people,” she said to Drum.

Dance Yo Dumo sees three celebrities battling it out on the dance floor to form a dance crew. The contestants are given themes each week and they have to create choreography to tell an Mzansi dance story.

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The actress says that it does not mean artists are always working if they appear on one show and then another. This is because shows are sometimes shot months or even a year before it is aired. So, actors and actresses sometimes go months without having a job. 

“Sometimes people sit for eight months without working while having shot something but it has not made it to screens yet. So if coincidently it airs when you have thing else on TV it does not mean you have been working that whole time,” she continued.

She went on to say that actors and actresses cannot survive on just one stream of income. So, she does whatever she can to secure the bag.

“Also understanding how this industry is, you cannot sustain your livelihood with only one income. You have to do this and that. I really love what I do, and I am driven by passion and enthusiasm. I do what I do to secure the bag,” she added.

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