nota baloyi now says don design is innocent

Music executive and director Nota Baloyi. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

Nota Baloyi’s concerned mom calls him out for his ‘unpleasant’ words

Nota Baloyi’s mom is not happy with her son villainizing black women and calling them prostitutes – and she wasted no time calling him out.

nota baloyi now says don design is innocent

Music executive and director Nota Baloyi. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

South African music executive Nota Baloyi’s controversial statements have caught the attention of his mother who seemingly does not approve of the words her son is choosing to employ on social media. Heading to his favourite platform, Twitter, Nota shared a screenshot from his conversation with his mother who gently chastised him for referring to Mihlali Ndamase as a prostitute.

Judging by his response to his worried mom, Nota’s mind can’t be changed and he will most likely continue to offend people on social media…

Nota Baloyi’s mom chastises him over his tweets

Nota Baloyi has done more than ruffle a few feathers on Twitter as of late. The music manager has made a number of statements about various local celebs which can be thought of as extremely unfair, to say the least.

It appears his choice of words may have upset his mother who recently asked him to think about the things he wants to say before he actually says them.

“Hi, Nhlamu. How are you? Day before, we were watching your presentation with Nkululeko, but we didn’t finish. My child words that were not pleasant when expressing prostitution of someone. Calling prostitute sound as civilized than the word used. Try nwananga to avoid using vulgar language it loses credibility. You are intelligent, smart and educated. Love you so much. Have a blessed day,” the WhatsApp message reads.

Nota then tried to explain to his mother just why he was referring to someone as a prostitute and appears to have no remorse over it.

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“Mama, these are the words you use… The media are turning young women into prostitutes; even their mothers support this prostitution. This is the kind of thing Gugu is being brainwashed by; what kind of daughter swears at her loving mother inlaw? One possessed by the devil,” he said.

He even took a jab at Mihlali’s mother who he says is comfortable accepting the gifts Mihlali gets as a result of her alleged “prostitution.”

“There’s no other way to put it. Mihlali’s mother has no problem accepting gifts from her daughter’s prostitution. Some mothers are evil enough to sell their daughters into prostitution & if I don’t speak out, no one will. If I don’t confront this evil, then I will have failed God. Love you too, have a great day!”

What does Mzansi think?

Many people agreed with Nota’s mother and praised her for her gentle ways. Others however continued to encourage Nota to speak what they believe is the truth about SA influencers.