Nonku Williams lips

Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams

Nonku Williams’ lips get Mzansi talking [photos]

After sharing her pictures on Instagram and delivering good news, some of Nonku Williams’ followers noticed her lips looked different.

Nonku Williams lips

Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams

The Real Housewives of Durban star Nonku Williams’ lips have left fans talking on Instagram.

Nonku said she would join East Coast Radio on the breakfast show, which made her fans happy.

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Unfortunately, some fans noticed something Nonku never thought fans would see.

Some fans spoke of the excellent work she is doing on RHOD, but some, later on, found her lips interesting.

It seemed that her fans had not been what they used to be; they drew so much attention from fans.

Nonku Williams lips
Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @nonku_williams


With many fans showing how much they admire her, they have been looking at her and noticing many things.

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Some fans loved her make-up and her hairstyle, but sure, fans got to notice how much her lips looked.

It all started with sure fans who noticed them and said an award-winning doctor did Nonku’s lips.

This comment received so many likes as fans agreed with the user; some left comments about her lips.

Another person said her lips were not so beautiful, but her body looked reasonable and well in shape.

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Indeed, Nonku Williams’ lips ultimately divided fans, with others loving them while others did not.

Even though fans could not agree on anything, it seemed that her lips looked so different to what they used to look.

Here are a few interesting comments about Nonku Williams’ lips

“Award winning doctor did your lips🙌🙌🙌”

“The lips helllll nooo BUT ur body looks good”

“yaz when you love someone you always be honest ❤️😚”

“Your lips are pretty 😍”


A few days ago, Nonku and fellow housewives met for a reunion, and it was all classy.

They popped up in beautiful dresses, and Nonku did not disappoint with her nude dress and a crown on her head.

After the reunion, Nonku expressed how difficult it was for her to show up, but she faced it and showed up.

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She later opened up about her relationship with Dumisani Ndlazi, saying she knew about her past rape cases but decided to give him a chance.

This testimony left many fans with mixed emotions as others claimed she found what she deserved while others sympathised with her.

With all this happening in Nonku’s life, having people talking about her lips might not be the best thing she wants.