Bonang and Chloe’s dress compared. Who Looks better. Image via Twitter @michaelmatebe_

Bonang Matheba and Chloe Bailey: Who wore it better? The Little Mermaid Premier dress

Chloe Bailey was compared to Bonang Matheba after wearing a similar outfit at the premiere of “The Little Mermaid.”


Bonang and Chloe’s dress compared. Who Looks better. Image via Twitter @michaelmatebe_

Two images—one of Queen B, Bonang Matheba, and the other of singer Chloe Bailey—were shared on Twitter.

The two gorgeous stars appeared in the photos wearing the same dress, yet they exuded various moods.

Chloe Bailey, dressed in a handmade Gert-Johan Coetzee gown, went to the Little Mermaid premiere to support her sister Halley Bailey.

The figure-hugging yellow dress highlighted her contours and attractive physique as a whole. We really adored the dress’ mermaid-shaped bottom, which was perfect for the setting.

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The garment was worn by Bonang Matheba a year ago when she accepted the Top Women Media Personality 2022 award at the Standard Bank Top Women Awards.

The gorgeous garment drew the eye of an American star since the renowned media personality never gets the red carpet right.

The two celebs were compared, and the question of who rocked it better was raised.

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The B-Force, or Bonang’s fans, flocked to the comments area to select their favourite. Chloe’s outfit was widely perceived as being a copy of Bonang’s.

Bonang Matheba stirs the internet again

In recent days, Bonang’s followers have been talking about more than only her clothing, which resembles Chloe’s.

When Matheba unveiled the teaser for the second episode of her YouTube series B’Dazzled, she reportedly made her fans happy.

Queen B heard the pleas of her fans before the teaser went up online, pleading with her to provide fresh material.

In the film, Bonang provided viewers with a peek inside her travels and encounters with Steve Madden.

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Matheba’s “Mentee”, Pinky Girl

Tebogo Mekgwe, a.k.a. Pinky Girl, is making her YouTube debut and will soon start posting lifestyle videos.

Although she recognised that Bonang Matheba had given her some advice, she has been trying to step out of her shadow.

The reality TV actress told Kaya959 that she would apply the consistent lessons Bonang had taught her to her new endeavour.