Anele 'Nellie' Tembe and AKA

‘It’s a daily struggle’: AKA remembers Anele Tembe a year after her passing. Image via Instagram @AKAWorldwide

GBV movement urges radio stations, streaming platforms to #MuteAKA

Women For Change SA is demanding all radio stations and music streaming platforms mute AKA following abuse claims against his late fiancée Nelli Tembe.

Anele 'Nellie' Tembe and AKA

‘It’s a daily struggle’: AKA remembers Anele Tembe a year after her passing. Image via Instagram @AKAWorldwide

Following shock footage of AKA and Anele “Nelli” Tembe which shook the whole country as it is still trending at this very hour, Women For Change South Africa took to social media on Monday 10 May demanding the rapper be muted on all radio stations and streaming platforms in an attempt to “get justice” for Tembe.

Tembe plunged to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town on 11 April.

The gender-based Violence (GBV) awareness movement has called on radio stations and streaming platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube Music, as well as Cruz Vodka, to #MuteAKA with immediate effect after videos and images were leaked over the weekend, leading many to believe AKA was abusive towards Tembe in their relationship

Women for Change SA: ‘We want justice for Nelli’

“Mute AKA music on your #Spotify #AppleMusic #YoutubeMusic Account or other streaming platforms,” it asked on its Instagram account.

“It is overdue to show South Africa once and for all that women matter! We want justice for Nellie! #womenforchange #southafrica #justicefornellie #metoo #EnoughisEnough #sayhername,” read the post.


In some of the footage circulating on social media, AKA is seen breaking down a door in their Bryanston apartment to get to Tembe who was reportedly hiding from him. 

In another video doing the rounds, a traumatised Tembe is screaming: “Look what he’s doing, you guys don’t know what he’s been doing to me!” 

#CancelAKA has since been trending on Twitter as tweeps are calling for the rapper to be cancelled as justice for Nelli is served. 

DM surfaces about AKA allegedly seen slapping one of his girlfriends

Women For Change SA also posted a Direct Messages (DM) which they say they have received about AKA on their Twitter page.

In this DM, a social media user who wants to remain anonymous, revealed that she once saw AKA slap his then girlfriend at a party. 

And yet another claimed that the rapper is addicted to drugs. 


Under the #MuteAKA posts, social media users were questioning why the same steps are not taken to mute Black Coffee following his ex-wife Enhle Mbali being denied a protection order after she spoke out about being physically abused by the DJ.

“Black Coffee??” wrote @i_am_beechana. 

“Maybe I didn’t get it, but when are we muting BLACK COFFEE???” wrote @dikarabokotsokoane.