Makhadzi reminds fans that celebs are human too. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

Makhadzi the concept thief? ‘Ghanama’ singer accused of stealing ideas

Limpopo musician Makhadzi just celebrated her song ‘Ghanama’ getting one million views and now she’s being accused of stealing the concept for the video.


Makhadzi reminds fans that celebs are human too. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

South African musician Makhadzi recently celebrated her video getting 300k views in less than 24 hours. Her happiness seems to be pretty short-lived after another local artist accused her of stealing her Ghanama music video concept from their song – and to be honest, the similarities are striking.

Makhadzi is living her best life

Limpopo singer Makhadzi is a definite South African rising star. The local hitmaker seems to be making all the right moves and these are paying off for her. Taking to Twitter the singer celebrated her latest song Ghanama reaching a whopping 300 000 views in less than 24 hours.

Taking to Twitter the musician thanked her fans for all of their support while sharing a snippet of the upbeat music video in which she shows off all her moves.

Accusations are made

Not long after the video was shared on YouTube, trouble started brewing. A young artist, Thabza Berry came out and accused Makhadzi of stealing the concept of her music video for Piano Culture.

Speaking to the Sowetan, Berry revealed how shocked she was to see how similar her video was to Makhadzi’s.

Makhadzi denies the claims

Makhadzi’s management has since come forward to rubbish Berry’s claims. According to Lionel Jamela, Makhadzi did not steal any ideas for her popular video. He also went on to advise Berry to work harder to become famous while adding that she should not use Makhadzi’s name to reach the top.

“This artist must focus on her craft. She must not try to get publicity by using my artist’s [Makhadzi] name. If you want fame, you must go back to the studio and work harder.”

The uncanny similarities

According to Briefly News, both Makhadzi and Berry used the same male dancers in their videos. The two artists are also reportedly seen dancing in tennis courts in their respective videos and so naturally they do appear to be quite the same.

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