X users predict Oscar Pistoriu

Things are looking up for Oscar after being granted parole. Image Source: X (@Alaskakid3)

X users predict Oscar Pistorius’ next move

Things are looking up for Oscar after being granted parole.

X users predict Oscar Pistoriu

Things are looking up for Oscar after being granted parole. Image Source: X (@Alaskakid3)

The victory that Oscar Pistorius has been fighting for has finally been won and X users are already predicting what he will do next.

It seems that those who stated that ‘pigs will fly’ before Oscar Pistorius is granted parole according to BBC News should look up at the sky because the disgraced athlete has been granted parole. This would mean that he is ready to strategise his next money grab.

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The fall of an icon

It seemed like the world of the athlete changed after that fateful Valentine’s day when he shot and killed his then girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, who still remains as an icon for murdered and abused women under the popular hashtag #RIPReevaSteenkamp.

The court case that followed became one of South Africa’s biggest court case involving a celebrity athlete, which seemingly will be overshadowed by the Senzo Meyiwa trial. The prayers of certain South Africans who were hoping for a guilty verdict were answered when he was convicted. The media campaign issued by Reeva’s family in order to keep her memory alive was one for the ages.

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The athlete served the bit of his sentence making the odd headline here and there, but he became the topic on the streets when his appeal was the topic of discussion earlier this year.

X users weigh in

It seems like the podcast trend according to X users is what Oscar Pistorius, who has been compared to OJ Simpson, will use to clean up his image after being granted parole. This will not come as a surprise as successful podcasts such as Podcast & Chill have been used by infamous celebrities to tell their side of the story.

There have been various comments from social media users such as “Watch him get invited to podcasts”.

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The media tour that South Africans will witness

This is highly possible especially with the media attention that he will get after being granted parole. The athlete will need to have a source of income to pay off those lawyer fees that were bound to have left a big hole in his pocket. 

It is a pity that we do not have that many talk shows here in South Africa as that would probably be his first stop followed by a book deal but as X users have stated a podcast interview will be enough to satisfy the thirst of those who want to hear what the man himself has to say.

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