R&B singer-songwriter Langa Mavuso serenading the audience at the awards. Image: Supplied

PHOTO: Langa Mavuso finds love after Chef Lentswe’s passing

Talented musician Langa Mavuso has found new love after the passing of his late lover, Chef Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko.


R&B singer-songwriter Langa Mavuso serenading the audience at the awards. Image: Supplied

Talented singer Langa Mavuso, who lost Chef Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko in March 2023, has found new love. 


Zimoja reports that Langa Mavuso is now dating TV and radio host Linda Mbuso after Chef Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko’s passing.

A close friend to the pair tells that the publication that the duo is smitten with each other, and things are going well for them.

“They are head over heels in love. I love it for both of them. Things are going really well. They are happy, they no longer keep it a secret and have mutual friends. They have also been attending public events together, they were together at Hey Neighbour in December and spent almost the entire festive season together.”

Mbuso is popularly known for his radio shows on YFM and 5FM where he worked on an early morning slot. He’s also a gentleman and philanthropist who’s involved with the Historic Grounds production company.

It is believed Mavuso’s new boyfriend is also a traveller and an author who works with works NGOs Kasi 1808 and Siya Phana.

Mavuso confirms his relationship to the publication and says: “Yes, Linda and I are dating, we are happy, we are good. He went to school with my cousin at Holly Family and they were really close and that is how we got to meet.”


Langa Mavuso revealed in March 2023 that the late Chef Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko was the love of his life despite their challenges.

The singer and songwriter attended his memorial service in Rosebank north of Johannesburg at Every Nation Church on Monday, 6 March.

“It was aptly said in every text, which ended with the words ‘Love first, Love always.’ But today, I must find new ways to embody that love and find a new place to share my heart.”

The singer also said Lentswe was the embodiment of joy and he is the smile that captured us all, and his laughter filled every room.

“I don’t know how to begin to say goodbye when there is still so much love to give.”

Bhengu-Mafoko passed away on Tuesday, 28 February. Bhengu-Mafoko’s family said that he died on the night of the 28th of February at Sandton Medi-Clinic after a short illness.‍

His sisters Swankie and Tumi Mofoko said their brother complained about a stomach ache, and this drained him as he wasn’t eating or drinking. 

He also had unexplainable back pain and saw a specialist. He couldn’t get assistance from the doctor as it was hard to find the source of his back pain.

Swankie added that she checked up on her brother a week ago and found him lying on the floor when she went to his place.

“He was in excruciating pain and told me he wasn’t well. He had diarrhoea and was vomiting. He also became numb and that’s when we decided to take him to the hospital. At that point, he couldn’t even walk.”

“He was shouting, rolling, and screaming. He was sweating and we called an ambulance, but it never came,” said Swankie.