Chris Hani would be MK Party member, says daughter.

Then newly elected Secretary General of the South African Chris Hani would be MK Party member, says daughter. Image: X/SACP.

Chris Hani’s daughter says her father would be aligned with Zuma at the MK party

‘My father would have been part of this historic move and defining moment in the political landscape of our country,’ says Cleopatra Hani.

Chris Hani would be MK Party member, says daughter.

Then newly elected Secretary General of the South African Chris Hani would be MK Party member, says daughter. Image: X/SACP.

Cleopatra Hani, a member of the uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party and supporter of its leader, Jacob Zuma, says the party’s policies would have resonated with her father Chris Hani’s values. 

She said her father had dedicated his life to serving his people, and that the party’s principles are continuing his legacy.

Chris Hani would be an MK part member

On Sunday, the eldest daughter of the late former South African Communist Party’s general secretary said her father would have been involved in this significant and pivotal development in our country’s political sphere.

“If my father was still alive, we wouldn’t have had a ‘Khumalo situation’. He wouldn’t be there at all. No one would have an opportunity to use their money to try divide MKP.

“UTata [my dad] would have made sure that the sun of the universe (Zuma) was protected at all times, as they both come way back and shared good memories together,” Hani said.

She expressed excitement at the prospect of following the path she believed her father would have taken if he were alive.

Zuma faced hatred and persecution because he did not align with what she termed as “business interests”; instead, he advocated for the liberation of black people, which made him a prime target.

“You can see and tell how all these people are shaken by the idea of him becoming the head of state again. The reason is because they are aware that he’s going to bring much-needed change in the lives of the people and also bring back their dignity.

“The nicest thing about him, is that he’s involving religious leaders and traditional leaders in this. That is the sign of respect and also trying to restore their rightful position.”

According to IOL, regarding the land issue, Hani emphasised that it was time for people to reclaim what rightfully belonged to them. 

She urged individuals to overcome cowardice to achieve this.

“We must make sure that we have land because with land we can be able to feed ourselves and families. Without land we have nothing as people; white people have taken so much from us.

“Today, these scientists have even taken our traditional medicine and turned them into modern medicines, in so doing belittling our traditional doctors/healers, and that needs to change,” Hani emphasised.

In conclusion, she emphasised that she felt aligned with the MK Party, asserting that Zuma and her father shared a common policy vision.

SACP warns MK Party and Jacob Zuma: Stay away from Chris Hani’s grave

On Wednesday, the South African Communist Party (SACP) reiterated Limpho Hani’s previous calls, cautioning all members of the newly registered Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) party to refrain from visiting the grave of the esteemed icon Chris Hani.

Reports in weekend newspapers indicated that there were plans for Zuma and members of the MK party to visit the grave of the former SACP leader.

Following reports that Cleopatra Tunyiswa, a 57-year-old woman claiming to be Chris Hani’s eldest daughter, has switched allegiance from the ruling ANC to the Zuma-backed MK party, Limpho issued a stern statement. 

She emphasised that the MK party, associated with former president Jacob Zuma and its members, are prohibited from visiting Chris Thembisile Hani’s gravesite or using any symbols associated with Chris Hani, including pictures, names, apparel, or logo.

Dr Alex Mashilo of the SACP echoed Limpho’s sentiments, emphasising that the MK party should not be allowed near Chris Hani’s gravesite under any circumstances.

“The succinct response is that anyone who belongs to that party and engages in the activities of that newly-formed party, in line with the text of the statement released by Mme Limpho, is just not allowed near that gravesite.

“It doesn’t matter who they are, and what they were in the past.”