Give us land, we will vote for you, Phoenix residents tell Malema.

Give us land, we will vote for you, Phoenix residents tell Malema. Image: @EFFSouthAfrica.

Phoenix residents offer votes for EFF in exchange for land

At a community gathering in Phoenix, EFF leader Julius Malema was told that if he gives the people of Phoenix land they promise to vote EFF.

Give us land, we will vote for you, Phoenix residents tell Malema.

Give us land, we will vote for you, Phoenix residents tell Malema. Image: @EFFSouthAfrica.

At a community meeting held in Phoenix, located North West of eThekwini, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema was endorsed by attendees to assume leadership responsibilities.

Vote EFF in exchange for Land

At least five individuals voiced grievances during the gathering regarding inadequate service delivery, attributing the failures to the Democratic Alliance (DA). 

Additionally, some attendees requested assistance from the EFF in obtaining sectional title deeds for their properties.

They alleged that a person purportedly linked to the ANC held sway over a significant portion of land in Phoenix.

According to the Mail & Guardian, the initial speaker addressed a pressing water crisis affecting residents, noting that supply cuts occurred daily. 

She highlighted attempts to contact the DA councillor, who reportedly either blocked or ignored calls from Phoenix residents, exacerbating the situation.

“The hope that we have in the EFF is that we will see change take place,” the woman said, adding that mothers in the area were evicted from their homes daily by a “person who owns 70% of land”.

“The cry is that the people of Phoenix need their title deeds and I’m sure everyone in this room is going to say that we need it immediately. We know the EFF believes in the land. We know and we believe that our commander-in-chief Malema can commit to giving us that tonight,” she said. 

Residents voiced concerns about a health crisis in the area, citing a scarcity of healthcare workers and clinics.

Additionally, a Black individual addressed a prevailing stereotype suggesting the entire Indian community in Phoenix was complicit in the massacre of Black individuals during the unrest in July 2021. 

Reports indicated that 36 individuals lost their lives in Phoenix during the unrest, primarily Black individuals whom particular residents purportedly racially targeted.

Witnesses testified during an inquiry by the South African Human Rights Commission, alleging that some victims were killed by Indian residents who resorted to vigilantism amidst the township’s turmoil.

Malema affirmed that the EFF would advocate for the residents of Phoenix, noting that the party had severed ties with the ANC in the eThekwini municipality.

 He criticised the government for failing to recruit doctors, suggesting establishing a program to connect medical students with communities to facilitate their placement upon graduation.

EFF pledges land and employment opportunities if elected

The polarising leader of South Africa’s third-largest political party has pledged to generate employment opportunities for millions of the nation’s unemployed and revitalise its economy to garner increased voter support ahead of an eagerly awaited election.

Malema spoke to a full crowd at the 56 000,capacity Moses Mabhida Stadium in the coastal city of Durban as he unveiled the party’s election manifesto, much to supporters’ joy.

“This is not a manifesto of promises, it’s a manifesto of commitments,” he said.

As election season progresses in South Africa, many political parties that have yet to unveil their manifestos are anticipated to do so in the upcoming weeks. 

Although a date for the election has yet to be confirmed, it is expected to be fiercely contested.

The ruling African National Congress has held power since Nelson Mandela’s historic election in 1994, and it is confronted with numerous challenges.

On Saturday, supporters of the EFF arrived at the stadium wearing red party attire, including T-shirts featuring Malema’s image. 

hey erupted excitedly as Malema entered, chanting struggle songs and liberation slogans.

The EFF has gained popularity among numerous disillusioned South Africans, particularly the youth, owing to its radical agenda, which advocates for the expropriation of land owned by white individuals and the nationalization of mines and banks.

According to VOA Africa, Malema pledged that the party would address the ongoing power blackouts affecting the country’s economy and generate employment opportunities through initiatives such as establishing social housing and improving road infrastructure.

Additionally, he vowed to prosecute politicians and public servants involved in corruption and proposed introducing incentives for law enforcement to combat the nation’s high crime rates.

“We are going to increase the visibility of police and soldiers. Many of you can’t say that you saw the police on your way here,” he said.

Malema further committed to enhancing social welfare grants and implementing a basic income grant for unemployed individuals. 

Several EFF supporters interviewed by The Associated Press voiced optimism regarding the party’s prospects in the forthcoming elections.