Janine Van Wyk

Janine Van Wyk fashion. Image credit: X @Janinevanwyk5

Janine Van Wyk’s fashion off the pitch

Janine van Wyk is not only effective on the pitch, but she’s stylish off of it too! We take a look into her style and fashion.

Janine Van Wyk

Janine Van Wyk fashion. Image credit: X @Janinevanwyk5

Banyana Banyana stalwart, Janine Van Wyk just became the most capped footballer in African history, and she’s also one of the most stylish footballers on our continent too!

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The fourth of December will be a day Janine Van Wyk remembers for life. The South African December made history when she earned her 185th cap for Banyana Banyana. In doing so, she became Africa’s most capped footballer of all time and it was on this historic note she decided to hang up her boots and announce her retirement.

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While we’re used to seeing her kitted out on the pitch, off the pitch she never misses a beat when it comes to her fashion.


It may come as no surprise to learn that Janine Van Wyk has a slightly sporty edge to her wardrobe, but she has shown us time and time again that she’s a versatile dresser. From blokecore (i.e. making sporty looks into streetwear) to more casualcore with oversized fits, to even more smart casual, tailored and trimmed looks, Janine has incredible range.

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It also doesn’t hurt that she’s very comfortable in front of the camera so every look of hers is further accentuated by her posts.


Now that she’ll be spending more time off the pitch, Janine Van Wyk is fortunate enough to be blessed with many skills and potential gigs. She’s signed to Nike as an athlete, and if her sporty fashion choices are anything to go by, she would be a likely candidate for future marketing gigs.

Along with that, she recently posted visuals of herself in studio where it looked as if she was working on a voice over. And yes, she looked stylish while she was doing it too!

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From football kits, to stylish outfits, Van Wyk has got the range to establish herself as one of Mzansi’s best-dressed sporting figures!