Zakes Bantwini

Zakes Bantwini announced he will be retiring as a recording artist this year. Image via Instagram @zakesbantwini/ @postmalone._

Wow! Zakes Bantwini locates and signs deal with TikTok sensation

‘Deal done and dusted’: Zakes Bantwini has signed a deal with the man that he had discovered on social media.

Zakes Bantwini

Zakes Bantwini announced he will be retiring as a recording artist this year. Image via Instagram @zakesbantwini/ @postmalone._

South African-born disc jockey, Zakes Bantwini – real name Zakhele Madida took to his timeliness on Sunday, 3 December, and asked Twitter detectives to assist him in finding a local man whom he sampled in a song in his upcoming album – with the help of the social media users, he was able to find the TikTok sensation who has since been seen signing a contract with the Grammy winner.


Recently, local rising star Naledi Aphiwe was recently paid R56 000 by American pop star Chris Brown after he sampled her voice in his latest album. Zakes Bantwini has seemingly gone down the same path of sampling someone’s voice without their permission and crediting them after the fact.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, he urged his social media followers to help him locate the man whom he had sampled in his upcoming album.

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“Hi guys, [I] need help. I’ve used this sound clip on my new album #THESTARISREBORN and I want to connect with this guy for credits,” he wrote.

Honours later, Bantwini revealed that he had finally found the man, thanks to the power of social media and Twitter detectives. He also announced that the album will be released on Friday.

“Look who came to see me in the studio today. Thank you guys for making this happen, deal done and dusted,” he wrote.

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Zakes Bantwini
Zakes Bantwini. Image Instagram @zakesbantwini


Earlier this year, Zakes Bantwini revealed he would be retiring as a recording artist, TshisaLIVE reported. This he explained would take place after the release of his last album. The Osama hitmaker has been in the music industry for almost two decades and reportedly plans to wrap up and hang up his mic.

“I don’t want to say I’m retiring from music, but this is my last album that I’m working on under this brand. It’s over for Zakes Bantwini. But Zakhele Madida is still going to produce music for other people, and you know what they say… you should quit while you are still on top,” Bantwini was quoted as saying.

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