Siya Kolisi Eben Etzebeth troll Springboks

Siya Kolisi and Eben Etzebeth. Image via Instagram @ebenetzebeth4

‘My heart can’t take this anymore’: Siya Kolisi is now tired of Eben Etzebeth’s trolls

After a series of taking trolls from Eben Etzebeth, the Springboks captain, Siya Kolisi, is finally tired and expresses his feelings.

Siya Kolisi Eben Etzebeth troll Springboks

Siya Kolisi and Eben Etzebeth. Image via Instagram @ebenetzebeth4

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi is tired of his teammate Eben Etzebeth’s trolls.

Siya Kolisi and Eben Etzebeth had been serving bro goals during the World Cup in France.

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They made so many headlines, and they went on to lift the World Cup together, defending it.

After the Rugby World Cup in France, Siya and Eben seemed to have crossed roads.

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Eben Etzebeth explicitly asked Siya Kolisi to stop commenting on his Instagram posts.

He claimed they were only friends because they played for the same team.

“@siyakolisi if you not in my team, I don’t want you in my comments,” said Eben, addressing Siya Kolisi.

Siya Kolisi Eben Etzebeth's troll
Siya Kolisi and Eben Etzebeth. image via Instagram @ebenetzebeth4


After Eben Etzebeth shunned Siya Kolisi from commenting on his posts, Siya Kolisi seemed to have accepted it.

As if that was not enough, Eben Etzebeth did not stop trolling Siya Kolisi and had been at his back.

After Siya Kolisi shared a picture of her wife Rache’s headband, Eben didn’t entertain it.

@rachelkolisi said I couldn’t rock her head band🤷🏽‍♂️ 😎 @oakley” said Siya Kolisi.

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After watching this, Eben Etzebeth responded, disagreeing that he had rocked the headband.

“Well… You Don’t!” Eben said, trolling Siya Kolisi again, now in his comments.

Siya looked tired and expressed how much he could not take it anymore.

“@ebenetzebeth4 my heart can’t take this anymore,” said the Springboks captain.


After Eben Etzebeth trolled Siya Kolisi again, the Springboks captain was tired of the trolls and aired his feelings.

Brendan “@siyakolisi @ebenetzebeth4 Only on insta for this content nowadays 🤣🤣🤭😊”

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Donna Mc Innes “@ebenetzebeth4 @siyakolisi you two are my fav 😍 move over @vancityreynolds and @blakelively we have a bromance in town with the best saffa bants!”

Virgil Shalom Mckenna “@ebenetzebeth4 @siyakolisi 🤣🤣😂 The two of you finish me”

Sonzi_82 “@ebenetzebeth4 how, shame 😹😹 @siyakolisi he doesn’t mean it 😹😹”