sk khoza racism

The resort says there was no racism towards SK Khoza. Image via Instagram: @scoza

‘No evidence’: Limpopo resort denies alleged racism after SK Khoza drama

The Limpopo resort that housed SK Khoza and his buddies say that there is no evidence to support the actor’s claims of racism.

sk khoza racism

The resort says there was no racism towards SK Khoza. Image via Instagram: @scoza

Earlier this week, South African actor SK Khoza went viral after he was filmed acting very aggressively while at a Limpopo resort called Zebula Lodge. After footage surfaced of him yelling at a resort staff member, SK claimed that he was subjected to racial slurs. The resort has since responded to those allegations and claims that there is no evidence to support SK’s claims.

Resort says there was no racism against SK Khoza

Former The Queen actor SK Khoza has been trending all week after he was recorded lashing out at a staff member at a Limpopo lodge where he and his friends were staying over the past weekend.

After the video was leaked, SK claimed that he had acted so aggressively because a staff member at the resort referred to him using the ‘k’ word.

“I was away with friends in Mpumalanga and the white man you see in the video was racist towards me, so I retaliated. He called me by the ‘K’ word,” SK told Sunday World.

Responding to claims that he had been using drugs, SK said that people were making up stories and that he has never used drugs – something his family can attest to:

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No drugs, no racism

“People like to say nonsense. I don’t do drugs, my family know that. I’ve taken drug tests in front of my family members.

It’s one of those moments where I was rubbed the wrong way and I reacted, that’s that,” he said, adding that he does not mind how people interpret the video.

Meanwhile, the resort shared this statement with TimesLive regarding the alleged racism:

“The safety and security of our guests and employees are of the utmost importance. After an incident on Saturday, we asked a guest demonstrating disruptive behaviour to leave the hotel premises.”

They also added that the company found no evidence for his allegations after doing a full investigation of the matter.

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