Jessica Nkosi

Jessica Nkosi issues warning to fans about a swindler impersonating her as AbeThembu Prince becomes a victim. Image via @jessicankosi/Instagram

Royal Swindler: Jessica Nkosi impersonator scams AbaThembu Prince

AbaThembu Prince Mthunzi Ngonyama has fallen victim to scammers who claimed to be Jessica Nkosi and reportedly duped him out of R15 000.

Jessica Nkosi

Jessica Nkosi issues warning to fans about a swindler impersonating her as AbeThembu Prince becomes a victim. Image via @jessicankosi/Instagram

The Queen actress Jessica Nkosi has issued a statement warning Mzansi of scammers who are using her pictures to swindle money out of people.

According to the actress’ statement, there have been some victims who have fallen into this fraudulent act in which the criminal lures them into the world of cryptocurrency. One such victim, according to News 24, is the AbaThembu Prince Mthunzi Ngonyama who lost R15 000.

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The publication reports that according to the AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo’s spokesman, Prince Mthunzi Ngonyama, the scammer – posing as the actress – initiated a conversation with the Prince on Instagram until they exchanged numbers.

The scammer reportedly convinced the Ngonyama to invest R15000 in Bitcoin for a whopping R430 000 profit. However, he never received that profit or his investment money.

Although he says he had his suspicions about the fake account, he was told by the scammer that everything is legit.

“I went through her pictures and videos and all her posts on Instagram and even the account appeared to be legit. When I raised my concerns that she could be a scammer, she asked me to explain all those videos showing Jessica Nkosi posted on the Instagram account,” he said.

According to the Prince, the scammer had an associate whom they introduced as “an expert Bitcoin trader.” At first, he was asked to invest R3 000 in rider to withdraw R33 000 in 48 hours.

“Then, I was told that the returns on my investment have far exceeded their expectations to the value of R145 000,” he explained.

He was then asked to deposit R12000 more in order to buy a “classical account software” which would make it possible for him to access the cash using a cellphone app.

The publication reports that a case has been opened.

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In light of this, and other victims who were scammed in the actress’ name, she issued a statement via her management Duma Collective.

“It has come to our attention that a number of social media accounts purporting to be that of Jessica Nkosi have taken to misleading, defrauding and misrepresenting themselves to innocent members of the public. Miss Nkosi is neither involved in nor advertising Bitcoin or any form of cryptocurrency,” the statement read in part.

The actress also ëxpressed her empathy.

“Jessica empathises with all those who have fallen victim to this scam and urges them to approach the nearest cyber-crime authority in their area to bring the relevant parties to justice.