AKA Tony Forbes vocals

AKA Tony Forbes. image via Instagram @tonydforbes

Like father like son: AKA’s dad Tony Forbes’ vocals impressed fans [video]

AKA took the singing talent from his father – Tony Forbes pulled off impressive angelic vocals that impressed fans

AKA Tony Forbes vocals

AKA Tony Forbes. image via Instagram @tonydforbes

AKA’s father, Tony Forbes, impressed fans with his vocals as fans compared him to his son.

AKA was one of the finest hip-hop stars ever to come out of South Africa.

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Many fans regarded him as the best, while some imagined he was behind Cassper Nyovest.

Undoubtedly, their rivalry pushed them so much that they became the faces of South African Hip hop.

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With all this talent, many fans wondered who gave AKA’s talent for singing.

He even died before this question could be answered, but here is the answer.

AKA Tony Forbes vocals
Tony Forbes and Naak Musiq. image via Instagram @tonydforbes


Even though Toiny Forbes did not pursue a music career, he is a fine vocalist.

Of course, his voice was not as refined as AKA’s, but what he did impressed many fans.

He graced the stage wearing a t-shirt with his son’s face and started singing.

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In a few seconds, the crowd noticed how good he was and started cheering him.

Many fans took out their phones as they wanted to record him singing.

Tony seemed impressed with his singing and shared the excellent video on his Instagram.

Tony Forbes singing. image via Instagram @tonydforbes


Tony Forbes’ son, AKA, was one of the country’s finest vocalists and has many songs to his name.

He also won several awards to show for his talent and incredible legacy.

His first award came in 2012 when he won the Best Male Artist at the 18th South African Music Awards.

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This was the beginning of a great career as he went on to win many other top awards.

AKA won over fifteen awards from several ceremonies like the Namibia Annual Music Awards, Metro FM Music Awards and South African Hip Hop Awards.