lady du dj choc

Lady Du’s dad DJ Choc just shared an apology with her. Images via Twitter: @musa_khawula/@ladydusa

‘I didn’t mean any harm’: Lady Du’s dad apologises for calling her a dog

‘I shared it with a family member to vent my frustration,’ said Lady Du’s dad DJ Choc about the clip that went viral earlier this week.

lady du dj choc

Lady Du’s dad DJ Choc just shared an apology with her. Images via Twitter: @musa_khawula/@ladydusa

Earlier this week, both Lady Du and her father DJ Choc were trending on Twitter. This is because a video went viral of DJ Choc hurling all sorts of insults at his daughter who had earlier implied that she had a rough childhood – something that her father strongly disagrees with.

He has since issued an apology for the video while asking the public to give his family some space.

DJ Choc apologises to Lady Du

“I do not know what Lady Du means when she says she grew up poor when I worked so hard to give her a comfortable life. She then went and h*ed around and ate money with all these men and she continues to spend money on these men. What is she doing now? She did not grow up poor, she had everything she needed.”

“She is who she is because of me. Today you see me as a piece of sh*t but she can go around telling people that she grew up poor. She is a dog, I gave birth to a child that is a dog,” said the disheveled dad in a shocking clip that has been circulating online since Sunday last week.

It appears he is now regretful of his choice of words and has decided to apologise to the musician who basically ignored the viral video.

Heading to Instagram earlier today, the businessman shared a statement explaining that he made the video only to vent to a family member but unfortunately it was leaked.

He further went on to apologise to his daughter while maintaining that he was only upset over her “unfounded and baseless” claims.

“My intention wasn’t to cause harm or engage in the social media drama that ensued. My intention was to clarify and shed light on the matter,” reads part of the statement.

He also adds that he could have handled the matter differently while asking people for privacy during this time.

Buying mom a car

Meanwhile, Lady appears to be unfazed by her father and instead shared a clip of herself surprising her mom with a Mercedes-Benz.

In the viral clip, her mother can be seen getting very emotional as Lady Du hands her the keys to the expensive vehicle.

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