Khanyi Mbau at her late father’s tombstone unveiling. Images via Instagram: @mbaureloaded

Khanyi and Lasizwe reportedly fork out R500k for dad’s tombstone

Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe Dambuza just honoured their late father with a glass tombstone which reportedly cost them an arm and leg.


Khanyi Mbau at her late father’s tombstone unveiling. Images via Instagram: @mbaureloaded

In 2020, a heartbroken Lasizwe Dambuza announced that his father Menzi Mcunu has passed away due to a Covid-19 related illness. This year, Lasizwe along with his sister Khanyi Mbau have honoured their father at his tombstone unveiling with a headstone that cost a whopping R500k.

The two famous siblings have shared photos of the costly tombstone online and have been praised by their followers for honouring their dad in this way.

Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe praised for R500k tombstone for their dad

“My last alive parent, my dad, has passed on. I am numb and so confused! I am shattered!! First my mom, now my dad! I don’t know how to feel!!! How does one say, ‘My parents are deceased’ like I don’t have any parents anymore? Like they dead!” wrote YouTube content creator Lasizwe in a Twitter post in September 2020.

Fast forward to this year, he and his reality TV star sister Khanyi Mbau honoured him with a tombstone that costs R500k, according to reports.

Taking to social media, the Young Rich and African star shared that the fancy headstone was designed by Icebolethy Group.

She also thanked them for creating the headstone as a last-minute request.

“Usually, I wouldn’t make such a big deal of anything but guys; you are a BIIIIIG DEAL. Thank you for accepting my outlandish ideas for a tombstone and making it a reality. Your team has been kind, available and willing. Thank you for making my dad’s memory so beautiful,” she wrote.

Fans love to see it

Miss NPN said:

“Trendsetter you are my dear, loving the glass tomb idea”

MalikS said:

“The tombstone is so beautiful???? ❤️u need to build a small shelter for it since it’s glass????. I’m scared for it.”

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