Jub Jub Moja Love looting

Jub Jub has apologised to Kelly Khumalo. Image via Instagram @official_jubjub.

‘A lousy apology’: Netizens divided over Jub Jub’s letter to Kelly Khumalo

‘Jub Jub is only apologising to save his job,’ said one Tweep after reading the ‘Uyajola 9/9’ presenter’s apology to Kelly Khumalo.

Jub Jub Moja Love looting

Jub Jub has apologised to Kelly Khumalo. Image via Instagram @official_jubjub.

South African media personality Molemo Katleho Maarohanye aka Jub Jub found himself in hot water after he made some scathing comments about his ex-girlfriends Kelly Khumalo and Amanda du Pont. The chickens certainly came home to roost for the Uyajola 9/9 host who was accused of rape by Amanda du Pont and a number of other women shortly after the interview.

He also landed in trouble with his bosses at Moja Love who asked him to apologise to Kelly. This after he previously shared an apology with Amanda. He has finally shared an apology and most of SA is not convinced.

Mzansi has mixed reactions to Jub Jub’s apology

While some people commended Jub Jub for finally apologising to the mother of his child for accusing her of using witchcraft and muthi, others slammed the apology as fake and insincere.

A number of people have headed to Twitter where they shared their thoughts on the apology not in which Jub Jub explains that he is truly sorry and hopes to be given the opportunity to develop a relationship with his son.

The TV presenter and musician also shared that he plans on making things right with Kelly privately and asked for South Africans to please give him some space and time.

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Here’s what people have had to say:

@Boitumelofela95 said:

“He is only apologizing to save his job anyone who watched the MacG podcast could see how he has never respected her. Calling her a witch was just worse.”

@NgemaMasiya said:

“Not Jub Jub humiliating Kelly on a public platform with the intentions to sway the public against her and when his mission fails he comes out with a lousy apology.”

@felix_mothemane said:

“It doesn’t matter whether Jub Jub’s apology is genuine or not what’s important is that he admitted his wrongs. Society won’t move forward if we’re going to question everything.”

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