Jeremy Mansfield

Radio legend Jeremy Mansfield.
Image via Facebook
@samcowenconsulting/ Highveld Stereo

Cruel! Terminally-ill Jeremy Mansfield targeted by nasty trolls

A new low – even for trolls! Friends of Jeremy Mansfield have canned a virtual meet-up after cruel attacks on the terminally-ill radio star.

Jeremy Mansfield

Radio legend Jeremy Mansfield.
Image via Facebook
@samcowenconsulting/ Highveld Stereo

Up until today, fans of radio personality Jeremy Mansfield waited with bated breath for him to make another social media appearance. 

But a handful of cruel social media troll attacks have halted those plans indefinitely.

The former Highveld Stereo Rude Awakening breakfast show host is currently battling stage four liver cancer.

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Last week,  Jeremy Mansfield appeared in a rare and brief clip alongside his former Highveld Stereo colleague and friend Sam Cowen. In it, he thanked his followers for their support and promised to host a “Zoom” meet and greet with him.

The terminally ill personality also shared a health update that he was having a “good day” and hoped for many more.

But Sam has now poured cold water over prospects of a fan engagement, blaming cruel trolls for their unwarranted attack on Jeremy.

She shared in an update: “Thank you to everyone who took the time to send lovely messages to Jeremy after Friday’s little video. He was very touched and I think it made a huge difference to him to know how many people love him. 

“Unfortunately, there was some trolling. Luckily it all came to me so I could filter it before it got to him. Unpleasant, but not life-threatening.

For this reason, Sam and other friends of Jeremy Mansfield decided it best to cancel the event.

She continued:

“It does mean that we cannot do this live Zoom he wanted to do. As his friends, we can’t allow a situation where someone might take that opportunity to be cruel. As you can see, he is frail and we won’t risk him getting hurt emotionally while he is suffering physically.

“I am heartbroken to have to write this”.

Update on Jeremy: Thank you to everyone who took time to send lovely messages to Jeremy after Friday’s little video. He…

Posted by Samantha Cowen on Wednesday, 12 October 2022

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Needless to say, loyal fans of Jeremy were heartbroken – and angered – by the news

Ria Fouche: “There are really disgusting people in the world. Can only hope they get terminally ill one day so they can look back on their stupidity and realise how cruel they are”

Mike Lacey-Smith: “Some people are just evil!!! They make me sick to my stomach”

Lisa Evans ‘Dominick’: “So sad. Let the man live his last while on this earth in peace surrounded by love”

Cindy Coulter: “Best decision! Rather keep him safe from all the trolls. He does not need that negativity”

It’s not the first time Jeremy Mansfield has had a run-in with ill-intending followers

In August following his terminal cancer announcement, Jeremy was visited in hospital by a “stalker” who pretended to be related to him.

Sam Cowen shared in a Facebook post at the time: “Please don’t go to the hospital randomly and pretend you are Jeremy’s brother and ask to see him. Yes, this happened today. Yes really”.