Nomzamo Mbatha shaka ilembe

Nomzamo Mbatha’s breasts have caused a stir on social media. Image via Instagram @nomzamo_m

Jackie Phamotse blasts peeps for ‘sexualising’ Nomzamo Mbatha

‘Focus on the story’: SA author Jackie Phamotse has slammed people for ‘sexualising’ Nomzamo Mbatha in new series ‘Shaka iLembe’.

Nomzamo Mbatha shaka ilembe

Nomzamo Mbatha’s breasts have caused a stir on social media. Image via Instagram @nomzamo_m

South Africans have not stopped buzzing over the recently released series Shaka iLembe which features local actress Nomzamo Mbatha. The series explores the story of the making of the iconic African king, from his childhood through to adulthood, during the 1700s. One big point of discussion has been Nomzamo’s breast which are visible almost throughout the series.

Taking to Twitter, controversial author Jackie Phamotse has blasted those who have sexualised her while explaining that she is an “artist” and was using her body as part of her art — not to be sexualised.

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Jackie Phamotse slams folks for thirsting over Nomzamo Mbatha

Shaka iLembe tells the love story of Princess Nandi — played by the talented Nomzamo Mbatha — and Prince Senzangakhona which is played by Senzo Radebe.

It takes viewers on a journey through the life and times of African King Shaka Zulu all the way back to the 1700s.

While the first episode has received raging reviews online, many social media users have been fixated about one detail — Nomzamo Mbatha’s bare breasts in her traditional Zulu attire.

Shaka Ilembe nomzamo Mbatha
Nomzamo Mbatha and Shaka Ilembe has made waves on social media. Image via Twitter @Jamani_Khanyi

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Many overly sexualised posts have been made about the star which have been considered inappropriate. This has prompted Jackie Phamotse — the author of Bare: A Blesser’s Game — to slam those who have “sexualised” Nomzamo.

“Nomzamo is an artist. Her body forms part of her art, this is what most actors do. Sexualising her is demeaning. Focus on the story. Who is she playing, the history behind the tale. Her body is off limits, it’s art,” she wrote in a tweet.

In the comment section, many women agreed with Jackie while many argued that they cannot control their sexual urges.

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What an expert has to say

In the meantime, Hlonipha Mokoena, an academic who was part of consultations during the production of Shaka iLembe, previously revealed that Nomzamo and the other stars were given the option to not show their private parts if it made them uncomfortable.

“From our initial discussions about the series, after extensive consultation with the lead cast, we made a policy decision that whilst we wanted to be authentic in representing the period, no actor would be forced to reveal their body if it made them feel uncomfortable or exploited,” she told News24.

According to Mokoena, it was however important for everyone that the Nguni culture is respected and portrayed authentically.

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