Lerato Mvelase big mansion

Lerato Mvelase is building her mansion. image via Instagram @lerato_mvelase

She’s going big: Lerato Mvelase starts building her big mansion [video]

Despite enrolling for an MBA, Star actress Lerato Mvelase showed immense progress in the construction of her mansion.

Lerato Mvelase big mansion

Lerato Mvelase is building her mansion. image via Instagram @lerato_mvelase

South African actress Lerato Mvelase revealed the first stages in building her big mansion.

Lerato had made headlines in the past few months after enrolling for her Masters’s in Business Administration.

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Since then, most fans thought she was only building her academic empire, but she is doing other things.

Lerato is going big, and she showed her new stand that she is starting to construct her house.

She decided against sharing her post but went for the Instagram stories, where only a few fans would open.

She showed her big stand early in the morning as she asked her fans saying:


A few months ago, Lerato also shared the progress of her mansion as she explained what she was fighting to get through in life.

She said that she was fighting the devil to continue making it with building, having a stable relationship and financial freedom.

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She penned a lengthy message detailing her story and ended up encouraging her fans.

“This part of my life is tough, very, very hard. I’ve felt every horrible emotion one can ever imagine. As I type this, I’m in tears as I’m that generation that is breaking the worst curses in my family lineage, and it’s not easy, in fact, my mere existence is making the devil fight me in essential parts of my life: financial, friendships, finding a good man, good health in my family etc but still I stand in prayer and faith that I’m the chosen one.” she said.

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“My mother said to me “ Lele don’t let the devil deter you from what is destined for you”. And here I am standing like the lioness that I am waiting to reach my throne as I strut into the most powerful phase of my life. Moral of the story, allow yourself to go through it,scream if you must, cry if you must, rest if you must but don’t give up🙏🏽🥂🥂🥂🥂👌🥳🥳” she continued.


The bubbly actress is one of the most educated actresses of her age in South Africa.

She recently enrolled for a Masters’s in Business Administration at Regency’s Business School.

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This was after graduating with a degree in Communications in 2012.

She also studied for a postgraduate Diploma in Business Management at Regency’s Business School that same year.