Chef John Mountain.

Chef John Mountain. Image via Twitter @DailyMailUK

‘ALL VEGANS are now banned’: Inside Chef John Mountain’s beef

‘Yep. I’m done’, said celebrity Chef John Mountain, who took to social media on Tuesday to ban all vegans from his restaurant.

Chef John Mountain.

Chef John Mountain. Image via Twitter @DailyMailUK

Talented celebrity Chef John Moutain banned all vegans from his Australian restaurant this week after a dispute with a customer.

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Cape Talk reports Chef John Mountain’s beef with vegans began when a customer complained online about the fact that she was not accommodated at his restaurant.

Mountain responded to the customer by posting on his Instagram and Facebook accounts that all vegans were now banned from his restaurant.

“Sadly all vegans are now banned from Fyre (for mental health reasons). We thank you for your understanding. Xx.”

The publication adds that the customer told Mountain beforehand and asked if there were vegan options and he promised to cater for her but had forgotten by the time she arrived.

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NYPost reports that Chef John Mountain’s post blew up on social media and sparked a virtual war between vegans and carnivores.

The publication adds that the popular chef, who’s reportedly worked with Marco Pierre White also said: “F**k vegans seriously … I’m done. At the end of the day, it’s not what I want to do, they can f**k off.”

See some reactions to the popular chef’s post:

Gina Teresa: “Can’t wait to try this place, just booked a table! Looking forward to a nice piece of rare steak.”

Madelaine Van Rooyen: “I’ve never eaten at your establishment, but I love this! Seemingly only the vegans and their ilk are generally allowed to speak their mind. Good on you!! I’ll give you a 5-star review just for this!”

Shellka Mitchell: “We were there a week ago and your food is amazing!!! So delicious! You are missing out if you have not been there yet!”

Mike Brase: “Greetings and full support from Alaska – good on you to stand up – will plan to swing by when able.”

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