Gomora Israel Matseke-Zulu

Israel Matseke-Zulu opened up about not getting a thank you from MacG. Images via Instagram @israelmatsekezulu

Israel Zulu calls MacG out for not thanking him for 3 million views

‘That’s how Africans behave,’ said Israel who slammed MacG for not thanking him after their episode raked in 3 million YouTube views.

Gomora Israel Matseke-Zulu

Israel Matseke-Zulu opened up about not getting a thank you from MacG. Images via Instagram @israelmatsekezulu

South African actor Israel Matseke Zulu is not impressed with popular podcaster Macgyver Mukwevho aka MacG. Sitting down for a Limpopo Podcast interview, the celebrated actor shared how disappointed he is with MacG after he didn’t call him or invite him to celebrate their episode of Podcast and Chill reaching 3 million views.

Hundreds of South Africans headed to their comment section to share their thoughts on whether MacG was wrong for not thanking Israel.

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Israel Zulu opens up on not getting a ‘thank you’ from MacG

In May 2021, former Gomora star Israel Matseke Zulu set down with MacG on his famous podcast, Podcast and Chill with MacG.

The episode was an instant hit among viewers who seemingly loved hearing Israel discuss things like his role on famous drama Yizo Yizo, his time in prison and his views on politics.

In fact, the episode did so well that it received over 3 million views and continues to pull in viewers.

Israel Matseke-Zulu
Former ‘Gomora’ actor Israel Matseke-Zulu. Image via Twitter @PhilMphela

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Israel recently sat down on another podcast and was asked how he feels about reaching 3 million views on Podcast and Chill.

He was also asked whether or not MacG had called him to celebrate the milestone.

Responding to the question, the actor appeared to be truly disappointed while remarking that MacG had not thanked him.

Take a look at the clip below:

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Was a thank you really necessary?

After watching, many rushed to the comment section to wonder whether or not a thank you was actually required on MacG’s part.

A few people slammed Israel for “whining” over not getting a thank you. Others pointed out that MacG actually did call him to say thank you when the episode reached its first 1 million views.

“But MacG called this guy live on the podcast when the episode reached 1 million or he expect a call everytime the episode reaches a million,” one person commented:

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