Innocent Matjiane

‘The Way Ngingakhona’ realisty star Inno Matjiane. Image via Twitter @Innomatjiane

‘The Way Ngingakhona’s’ Inno Matjiane quits the popular reality show

The TV personality Inno Matjiane says he’s quitting the reality show to focus on his acting, music, radio and beauty line.

Innocent Matjiane

‘The Way Ngingakhona’ realisty star Inno Matjiane. Image via Twitter @Innomatjiane

Media personality Inno Matjiane surprised his followers on Twitter this week when he announced that he has left Moja Love’s reality show The Way Ngingakhona.

Inno told Daily Sun that everything has an expiry date and that it was time to move on.

“Everything has an expiry date, and it’s important to learn when to walk away from something,” said Matjiane.  

The TV personality says he wants to move on to other things that he’s always wanted to do such as radio, TV presenting and acting. Matjiane stated that he also wants to focus on his music career and expand his beauty line The Inno Beauty.

Matjiane told the publication that he is grateful for the show and if another opportunity for a reality show comes up, he’ll take it.  

“I feel that people didn’t get to know me the way I fully am. I’d definitely do a reality show focused on myself as a queer individual, and show more of my life.”

He says he’d call his next reality show #NotSoInnocent if another opportunity arises.

“I have grown so much and I realise there are certain things I can’t be part of.”


ZAlebs reported that Matjiane is in a romantic relationship with former The Queen actor Aaron Moloisi.

The duo broke the internet and surprised their followers when they shared intimate images of each other on their social media channels. It is, however, unclear at this stage if the pair are still together as they’ve both deleted each other’s images on social media accounts. 

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