Dr Nandi

Thabo Bester with Dr Nandipha. Image from Twitter@sabc

‘Held against her will’: Dr Nandipha’s Tanzania statement revealed

Tanzanian authorities reveal Dr Nandipha’s Tanzania statement after her arrest. South Africans were puzzled by her side of the story.

Dr Nandi

Thabo Bester with Dr Nandipha. Image from Twitter@sabc

‘Facebook Rapist’ Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s arrest has seen several revelations of their alleged affair flooding social media.

In the wake of the extradition from Tanzania after being nabbed in Arusha.

A leaked voice note has been making rounds on social media. In the leaked audio, Thabo Bester can be heard threatening Dr Nandipha and her family if she doesn’t play along to her cards as the head of the family.

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The leaked audio has since left many puzzled. Was Dr Nandipha in a relationship with Bester willing, or was it out of fear?

However, it is yet to be confirmed when it was recorded and whether it was Bester.

Against the backdrop of the leaked audio, The Citizen has reported that upon their arrest in Tanzania, Dr Magudumana told authorities that she was being held against her will.

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Dr Nandipha's Tanzania statement
Dr Nandipha’s airport photos. Images from Twitter@Chriseldalewis

The Citizen reports a Tanzanian source revealed that Magudumana said:

“She was being held against her will by him. That was her response in her initial arrest questions, that’s what she said.”

Dr Nandipha’s Tanzania statement has since left many confused about whether she was a partner in crime or not.

Thabo Bester was sentenced to life in 2012 for rape, robbery and murder. In 2022 he was declared dead after a charred body was found in his cell at the Mangaung Correctional Centre. Dr Nandipha Magudumana reportedly assisted him in his prison escape. However, his mysterious death was questioned.

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It was reported that Bester was alive, and pictures of him shopping with Magudumana at Woolworths in Sandton flooded social media leading to a manhunt against the two.

The news saw the two abandoning their Hyde Park mansion. They were later nabbed in Tanzania after a manhunt was launched against them and were found with several unstamped passports containing multiple identities.

The two have since made brief court appearances after being extradited from Tanzania on 13 April.

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