Thabo Bester Jacob Zuma

Thabo Bester and Jacob Zuma (alleged). Image via Twitter @ChrisExcel102

From Dr Nandi to uMsholozi? Thabo Bester‘s alleged pictures at Nkandla with Jacob Zuma [photos]

Alleged pictures of Thabo Bester and former president Jacob Zuma at the Nkandla might be the biggest lie in the Thabo Bester saga.

Thabo Bester Jacob Zuma

Thabo Bester and Jacob Zuma (alleged). Image via Twitter @ChrisExcel102

It’s been a week of unending drama. Thabo Bester’s alleged pictures with Jacob Zuma have gone viral on social media.

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Thabo had previously been dubbed politically connected, and a picture with the former President would only make things worse. Indeed, the clues are linked so well, but there is always room for some tricky photoshopping. Certainly, this is some total genius of photoshopping at work. In the circulating picture, Thabo had been wearing the same watch he had when driving the Porsche.

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Jacob Zuma had been living quietly, and this drama would the least he would want to have in his life. The viral picture must have been taken at Nkandla, as other images at the dame location proved.

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This is indeed a turn of events in exciting way, and fans can’t get enough of the fiasco on Twitter. Indeed, Thabo must e a big man, no wonder he managed to dodge the security guards.


After escaping from prison, Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha fled to Tanzania, where they got arrested. Many things unfolded upon returning home to face trial, and the case seemed fresh.

Thabo Bester Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma at his Nkandla. Image via Twitter @Matema_

There is a lot to say about the viral pictures of Zuma, but here are some bits about it. The location, of course, is Zuma’s Nkandla which is well-roofed with thatching.

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That is the same place the original picture with Thabo Bester was taken if it is not authentic. As this picture continues to make rounds on social media, many people have found so much humour in the view, while some believe it is original. The reactions are so much that only experts in images can detect if it is not photoshopped.

Indeed, this might end up being the greatest lie in the Thabo Bester story, an art of genius photoshopping. Certainly, Zuma and Thabo Bester have never met at the Nkandla; such an imagination triggered a stir across social platforms.


Here are a few of the most interesting pictures from twitter:

Nkosana 💟🤘
That’s why Mr Manyi was there at the launch singing “happy birthday”

MASH 2.0✴️
“uMsholozi uvulile amasango aii malume kukhulu okuzayo” young stunna gave us a clue so nguye uAdiwele lo😭😭

Benzito 🇿🇦
It’s Too much guys …😭😭😭.so many files