Thabo Bester

Thabo Bester is seen dancing in his Magaung prison cell in a recently resurfaced video.
Images via Twitter:

Living his Best-er life? Thabo Bester dances in jail cell [watch]

In a recently resurfaced video clip, convicted criminal Thabo Bester is seen dancing in his Mangaung prison cell without a care in the world!

Thabo Bester

Thabo Bester is seen dancing in his Magaung prison cell in a recently resurfaced video.
Images via Twitter:

With a laptop and cellphone at his disposal and several prison wardens on his payroll, it was clear Thabo Bester was living a “soft life” behind bars. 

Before escaping the Mangaung Correctional Centre in May 2022, the convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster was given many privileges, thanks to his alleged multi-million bank account.

And in a recently resurfaced clip, a carefree Bester is seen showing off his carefree life.

Will it be the same for him the second time around?

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Despite being sentenced to life for the 2012 murder of his girlfriend Nomfundo Tyhulu, Thabo Bester seemingly enjoyed the special privileges of prison.

And this is evident in a viral video clip of Thabo filming himself behind bars. In the clip, the con man appears in high spirits as he shimmies around his single prison cell.

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Twitter user @am_blujay tweeted the video, captioning it: “Thabo was living in a hotel in jail”.

Take a look….

Despite initial reports that he would be rehomed at the Kgosi Mampuru prison in Pretoria, Thabo Bester has returned to Magaung Correctional Centre following his recapture.

Bester will be remanded in custody until his next court appearance on 16 May 2023.

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Meanwhile, Twitter users have also shared leaked images of Thabo Bester from his stint behind bars. But instead of a prison uniform, Bester is seen wearing designer clothes and shoes.

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Twitter user @Nah_Fugazi posted: “Thabo wore normal clothes delivered by Dr Nandipha [his alleged girlfriend] on most days and had his own bed sheets.

“Here is a picture of him inside prison taken by a prison guard. This background would be edited to make him appear like a young free man.”

The same Twitter user shared pics of Bester seemingly out in public following his prison escape.

In the pics, Bester is seen sitting in a luxury car, snapping away with his state-of-the-art smartphone.

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The tweep continued: “Thabo Bester splurged on expensive gadgets, gifts, and large sums of money as soon as he was out of prison. The source of his money is unknown”.