Enhle Black Coffee

Enhle Mbali has assured the people of Mzansi that she is SINGLE! Image via Instagram @enhlembali_

Something’s cooking! Is Enhle Mbali bringing the ‘receipts’ she promised?

Is Enhle Mbali’s new trailer a restructure of the press conference she previously announced to expose Black Coffee? We shall see…

Enhle Black Coffee

Enhle Mbali has assured the people of Mzansi that she is SINGLE! Image via Instagram @enhlembali_

Actress Enhle Mbali posted a trailer to her Instagram account on Wednesday 18 August that addresses her divorce from DJ Black Coffee and reveals her vulnerable side as she pans out her journey of healing.


Last week Enhle Mbali posted a mysterious teaser to her Instagram account of what could be a film, reality show or YouTube series, titled Voice – Simple Live, Simply Love, Simply Enhle. 

The actress has not yet revealed what Voice really is but here are a few things we know, 

  • Voice is in collaboration with video editor Pitchov Films
  • Voice covers Enhle Mbali’s journey of healing as a newly single woman
  • Voice is set to address Black Coffee’s cheating scandal and their divorce 
  • Voice is seen as closure for Enhle Mbali
  • The teaser music of Voice is by Kanye West

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee divorced in 2019 because of infidelity claims and since then the couple has been airing their dirty laundry, such as unpaid electricity bills on social media. In both teasers, Enhle Mbali shows viewers her narrative is not about pain but how she is healing from what has hurt her. 

“You strike a woman, you strike a rock. I am no rock. And I’ve said this that I am a flower and this flower needs to be watered and I am watering this flower as a newly single mother. As a newly healed woman, I stride. Let’s dive in,” said Mbali in the video.

Beginnings are so beautiful…. to ending old chapters. Coming soon,” wrote Enhle Mbali. 


In May this year, an emotional Enhle Mbali said that she was done protecting her ex-husband, Black Coffee. She went on to say that she will be holding a “tell-all” press conference where she will be bringing text messages, evidence and more to expose Black Coffee’s lies. 

“Today is the last time that I am silenced by any cause, but my own and that is GBV, today is the last day,” she said.

“I will speak to all the media houses, be aware that I will be doing a press conference and in that press conference, I will bring evidence, I will bring text messages, I will bring absolutely everything that was lied about, I will tap phones, all kinds of crazy things,” she continued. 

Is Voice Enhle’s way of holding her press conference in a different light? It is possible. The teaser she posted on Wednesday begins with the following headlines that address her marriage and divorce to Black Coffee, including the claim that the DJ fathered two children outside of his marriage. 

  • “Cheated with?”
  • “Cheating scandals”
  • “Spins two concubines out of wedlock!”
  • “Divorce: A timeline”

This comes just days after Enhle Mbali publicly thanked Black Coffee through an Instagram post.