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Elon Musk homeless! Billionaire sells last house to fund Mars ‘property market’

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that he has already sold all his other houses to fund a Mars colony.


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The South African-born billionaire Elon Musk is selling his last remaining house to fund a colony on Mars.

Elon Musk ‘last remaining house’ on the market

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said that he has decided to sell the last house he owned. The house is located in California’s Bay Area

According to NDTV, he said he wants the “special place” to go to a large family who will reside there.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle of PupulationPaste, directly asked Musk if he sold everything in order to downsize his life and focus on Mars to make us a multi-planetary.

Musk confirmed this and outlined the projects he has been working on. He also said that he has only one house left in the San Francisco Bay Area, which he rents out for events.

A billionaire’s tax issues

Musk has been tweeting and responding to his followers on the matter for a week now after a report that was released, generated huge interest claiming that he and other billionaires, such as Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett, pay little – or sometimes no – income tax compared to their massive wealth.

His tweet came in response to a thread started by Pranay Pathole, an assistant systems engineer with Tata Consultancy Services, who regularly share tweets of Musk.

In light of the ProPublica report, which stated that Musk paid no federal income tax in 2018 and paid much less by billionaire standards in 2015 and 2017, Pathole had sought to address the financial matter himself and shared his ideas on how things were for the billionaire.

Replying to his tweets, Musk partially addressed the curiosity about his tax planning, and said he will keep paying income taxes in California proportionate to his time in the US state, “which is and will be significant”.

Musk living it up in a SpaceX rental

Musk also responded to another tweet by a different Twitter user, saying that his primary home is an accommodation he has rented from SpaceX in Boca Chica town, now known as the Starbase area, in Texas for nearly $50 000 (R690 140,50).

He moved to Texas last year.

Colonising the Red Planet

In April 2021, Musk revealed a $100 million XPrize reward to whoever can figure out carbon removal and dispelled the notion that the initial Mars journey will be “some escape hatch for rich people.”

“Going to Mars reads like that ad for Shackleton going to the Antarctic. You know, it’s dangerous, it’s uncomfortable, it’s a long journey, you might not come back alive. But it’s a glorious adventure, and it will be an amazing experience.

You probably won’t have good food. If an arduous and dangerous journey where you may not come back alive—but it’s a glorious adventure — sounds appealing, Mars is the place. That’s the ad. That’s the ad for Mars. Honestly, a bunch of people probably will die in the beginning. It’s tough sledding over there. We’re not going to make anyone go. It’s volunteers only.”