Sports personality Robert Marawa

Image via Twitter @dailysunsa

Fighting COVID-19: Robert Marawa and Mark Pilgrim on staying strong

Robert Marawa and Mark Pilgrim are the latest Mzansi celebs who are battling with COVID-19. The radio hosts give us an update.

Sports personality Robert Marawa

Image via Twitter @dailysunsa

Legendary sports personality Robert Marawa shocked Mzansi last night when he revealed that he’s recovering from COVID-19.

Marawa posted a lengthy tweet which stated that his situation deteriorated. He explained that he had to get an electronic device that measures pulse and oxygen. He was advised to get the device by doctors when his oxygen concentration dropped to 92.

Robert Marawa in ICU

The Metro FM sports anchor was then transferred to the hospital where he ended up in ICU for a week.

“It is with great gratitude that I still find myself alive and able to still address this personal matter publicly. As a broadcaster within the media space I wrestled with the thought of sharing this part of my journey publicly, however I also came to realise that my reality to help educate and perhaps even save someone’s life.” 


Another Mzansi media personality who is recovering from the virus, is legendary radio and TV personality Mark Pilgrim.

The Hot 91.9 FM radio host revealed this past Friday that he too tested positive for COVID-19 on his social media channels.

He posted: “Oh, dear. It got me. #Covid_19”

Pilgrim, who got COVID-19 pneumonia, assured his fans in an Instagram video that he is well on his way to recovery. He also thanked everyone for their continuous support and encouraged those infected with COVID-19 to remain optimistic.

“I’m just one of many people going through this at the moment. Much love to each and every person that’s dealing with Covid.”

The radio host also assured his followers that he’s monitoring his oxygen levels and penned a tribute to his immune system.


The South African previously published articles about musician PJ Powers and activist Kriselda Kananda who are also recovering from COVID-19.

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