Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu

‘Scandal!’s’ Stephanie Ndlovu admits she’s considered divorcing Hungani. Image via Instagram @hunganindlovu

‘Scandal!’s’ Stephanie Ndlovu admits she’s considered leaving Hungani

Former ‘Scandal!’ actors Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu have admitted on their YouTube channel ‘The Ndlovus Uncut’ that marriage is not easy.

Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu

‘Scandal!’s’ Stephanie Ndlovu admits she’s considered divorcing Hungani. Image via Instagram @hunganindlovu

YouTubers and married couple Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Ndlovu who used to act in etv’s Scandal! have opened up about the joys and challenges of being married.   

The pair talked about married life on their YouTube channel – The Ndlovus Uncut.   

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Actress and producer Stephanie Ndlovu who is married to former Scandal! actor Hungani Ndlovu has admitted that married life has not been easy.   

She admitted that there’d been a few times where she felt like leaving her husband after just being married for three years.  

“I had an expectation that there was a certain understanding about who I am as a person and even as we get to know more of who we are because you’re married and live together.”

“You really get to know the person for who they are and I was like we’ll love each other through it.”  

The actress adds that she’s often asked herself if it was worth it and sometimes wondered if they’d be happier apart as she’s tired.  

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Stephanie’s husband – Hungani Ndlovu says he got his ideal marriage from his parents who never argued, which is different to Stephanie’s background.   

The dancer and choreographer adds that it’s been more challenging for them to come together as a couple because they never had disagreements or arguments before.   

“I come with my own traumas, situations, and insecurities, ego, pride and you have your own too.”  

He says he’s learned to be selfless and put Stephanie first in almost everything he does.   

The pair also revealed last week that YouTube selected their YouTube channel The Ndlovus Uncut as part of the #YouTubeBlackVoices Fund Creators Class Of 2022.  

This means their channel is about to grow and become even better than it is! 

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