Dineo ranaka

Dineo Ranaka is fighting to live. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

‘My future boyfriend is busy cheating’: Dineo Ranaka on Valentine’s Day

Dineo Ranaka is the latest celeb to speak about Valentine’s Day and judging by what she has to say, she is not feeling the day of love at all.

Dineo ranaka

Dineo Ranaka is fighting to live. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

South African media personality Dineo Ranaka’s private life has never been private – and this is something she always makes sure of. Last year, the reality TV star went viral after she was recorded yelling at her then-boyfriend Sechaba Thole. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many aren’t surprised that Dineo is very skeptical. Judging by her latest post, she has no hopes for a romantic day at all.

Dineo Ranaka speaks about her Valentine’s Day plans

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and as usual, folks are running around trying to get plans in place so that they too can indulge in a bit of romance along with the rest of the lovebirds.

South African celebs appear to be having a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) and have also shared their thoughts, plans, and feelings about the day of love.

Dineo Ranaka is one of those celebs who have weighed in on the upcoming special day. Taking to her Instagram, she shared a hilarious clip where she poked a bit of fun at Valentine’s Day.

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Speaking in a fake Nigerian accent, Dineo joked that her future boyfriend is currently cheating with his future side-chick which is why she can’t be bothered with the day of love.

“Valentine is coming, where is my boyfri… stop it right there! Don’t bother me. My future boyfriend is busy cheating with his future side chick. You’re hearing me? I hope you’re hearing me,” she said.

Mzansi is laughing out loud

The clip did not go unnoticed by her fans who laughed out loud at her cynical view of Valentine’s Day. Read some of their responses to the funny video below:

tshia.tee said:

“Dineooo, let a woman take you out na.”

ladycletias said:

“Dineo you choosing violence I beg.”

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